Monthly Favourites- May

Hello and welcome to my monthly favourites where I speak about anything and everything I've been loving this month!
This month’s favourites are a good mixture of drinks, outfits, body washes and hair products. 
Let’s get on with it!

1. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sea Salt Body Scrub
£9.99 @ Amazon 

This is the second time I’ve bought this product as I just love it that much. The first time I found it at TK MAXX now, as we’re confined to the house I found it on Amazon. I am a huge lover of scrub body washes as I feel they always leave my skin feeling luxurious and soft and really make a positive difference with hair removal as well. I am aware that a lot of people with sensitive skin may not benefit from scrubs as it could really damage your skin but this one may be worth trying as I feel like it's a good introduction to scrubs, either to people with sensitive skin or just anyone who hasn't tried them before. This scrub is so gentle, it’s more of an oil with sea salt than an actual scrub, you really have that luxurious feeling from washing your skin with it as the scrub melts on your skin and leaves a really smooth texture that lasts way into the morning after. The scrub does leave an oily feeling on your skin (that goes away once you dry off) which I understand may not be for some people but it feels great to me and means it's far more gentle than most scrubs. As with all the toiletries I use, the body scrub and Alba Botanica as a brand are cruelty free (includes the leaping bunny logo on the packaging), the scrub is also 0% parabens and phthalates as well as having 100% vegetarian ingredients AND the packaging is 100% recyclable! 
Here is a little picture of the ingredients in case anyone is allergic or you need to discuss the ingredients with someone before you use it.

As I mentioned if it’s your first time trying out body scrubs or you have sensitive skin and have been advised against it, maybe discuss with someone in the know if this would be the right product for you as I feel it made a huge difference to my skin. 

2. Green Floral Button-Up Dress
£12 Approximately @ New Look Curve (Sale Price)


This is by no means a new item for me, I've had this dress for over two years now and bought it in a sale! It’s actually a size 26 which is about 3 sizes too big for me but with its tie type straps you can fit it to any size really and the beautiful tortoiseshell-looking buttons give the dress a little classic edge too. I just wanted to include the dress as it’s only been in the last two years that I’ve really felt comfortable to even wear a dress! I always made excuses that dresses were too short, they didn’t have one in my size, I didn’t like the styles, I don’t like how my body looks, I don’t like how my legs look etc… BUT I finally decided to not give a damn and wear a dress if I wanna wear a dress! This sounds like such a silly and basic thing but to me it was a big step as before I wasn’t able to wear dresses as I used to get painful chafing on the inside of my thighs as well as crippling self-hatred that a part of my body might look unattractive in a dress but now with my lace/lycra cycling shorts in a nude colour I can happily wear any dress with the shorts hidden underneath! 
This dress is the perfect style for me in a really unique colour, the length is spot on as I’m pretty tall for a girl (around 6ft) and struggle with “knee-length” dresses that are more like mini skirts! 
I just wanted to write about this as a bit of written proof to myself that I do have the body confidence to wear any dress I want and enjoy wearing it too (when this happens, you instantly look better anyway!) And as proof that you don’t need to throw everything away if you don’t feel comfortable, sometimes you need to take the plunge and try something new, even if you’re only wearing it around the house for the first couple of times.
Go and have a look in the wardrobe at all the clothes you don’t wear and have a go at wearing each item, you’ll soon know after a day if it’s still for you or not; if it is then you’ve got a new (not really) outfit to show off, if it’s not for you then bag it up and give it to a charity shop for someone else to enjoy! 

3. Vanilla Chai Tea
Found reduced at Tesco for 75p!


I have been OBSESSED with green tea for about 3 years now, I started drinking it thinking it would be some miracle weight-loss drink but obviously it wasn’t and then I realised I just loved the taste. Anyone who knows me knows I hate hot drinks, I have no patience for them to cool down and I’m done with burning my mouth but I just found a best friend in green tea. 
Now I know you’re all reading thinking “chai tea is most certainly not green tea”…could have told me that before I bought it. Thankfully you can enjoy it black (without milk) which is how I drink it and this particular tea is heaven every morning. Waking up and stumbling into the kitchen to put some toast in, I can immediately smile as I smell the sweet vanilla coming from my chai tea, it doesn’t have any strong taste but I love the warm drink with the strong vanilla smell it's very soothing either in the morning or settling down into bed at night. This tea does leave ALOT of tea leaves at the bottom of my mug so if something like that really gets on your nerves maybe don’t go for it but it honestly doesn’t bother me, I know there are plenty of types of chai tea (and plenty of green teas as well) to experiment with but vanilla will always be my staple! 

4. Hempz Sweet Pineapple and Honey Melon Herbal Volumizing Conditioner 
£9 @ HomeSense (sale price)

Now onto my absolute favourite of favourites for pretty much the entirety of 2019 and 2020! The insane amount of 5* reviews for this product are no lie, I love with this conditioner and will buy it again and again. Although the full price of around £20 may be quite expensive, it’s more than worth it because I got SO MUCH use out of this bottle as in…almost 1 year from one bottle! There are so many qualities to this so please brace yourself; 
Let’s start with the smell, I am obsessed with having toiletries that fill the bathroom with lovely smells whenever I have a shower but living with a boyfriend with a very acute sense of smell does cause some friction but even he constantly complimented me on the smell of the conditioner, even the day after I used it! It’s such a fresh tropical smell of that sweet pineapple with the slightly earthy scent of the honey melon that just makes you feel good inside. 
Now onto the practical side, as you know I only buy natural and cruelty free products so you can guess what I’m gonna say about this one. It is cruelty free as well as being free from THC, gluten and parabens, the conditoner is enriched with hemp seed oil and really does what it says on the tin; it softened my hair as well as giving it a touch more volume (maybe not as volumizing as it says but it still made my hair feel nourished). If anyone does need to check the ingredients as I know some natural products can upset the scalp, I have posted a picture here:

The Hempz website offers the product in a smaller travel size for around £8 but then offers the litre bottle that I have for about £20. Even the bottle itself is a great design; a large hand-pump bottle that means you can control the amount that comes out of the bottle (I used about four pumps each time which, to last a year must mean there is a lot of product in that bottle), the bottle has been all over the world with me as I refused to substitute this for travel hair products while we’ve been away. We have even now re-used the bottle as a washing up liquid bottle in our kitchen…mainly because even though the conditioner is gone I couldn’t bare to part with it! 
Overall I recommend this conditioner to any hair type, it’s gentle but nourishing so will suit any hair from dry to oily, the scent is beautiful and the bottle is a perfect size to keep around the house! 
I didn’t expect so much from one bottle of conditioner. 

Thanks for reading, hope you found something new to try!
See you soon for my June Favourites!

H x