Breakfast Recipes- Sheet Tray Pancakes

I’m here with the first of a new set of posts on vegetarian and vegan meals! They’ll be split up into breakfasts, lunch, dinner, desserts and maybe some snacks too. The majority of the ideas I find are from Pinterest (the bible for inspiration of any kind) so we should never have a shortage of new recipes to try out!
Please enjoy the first one; Sheet Tray Pancakes

I am a sucker for pancakes but…I’m not very good at them, my friends always say how easy they are to make but every time I try to fry a pancake the batter goes all over my kitchen, well, apart from the batter that’s burned to the inside of the frying pan!! When I saw this recipe for super simple sheet tray (tray-bake) pancakes I thought this might be my time to shine and thankfully it was. 
The recipe is so easy and not expensive at all, I actually had all the ingredients in the house already so didn’t need to grab anything extra (which is SO rare for me), the recipe is also very free-flowing so aside from making a basic pancake mix, you are free to add anything you want to make it your own.
In this particular version I chose banana and chocolate spread!

The ingredients you’ll need are:

Pancake Batter (recipe found at

100g Plain Flour 
2 Large Eggs
300ml Milk 
1 tbsp Oil (I use sunflower oil)
2 tsp vanilla essence 


1 banana 
3 tbsp Chocolate Spread

see…I told you it was easy!

Preheat the oven to around 160-180/Gas Mark 4, we want a medium temperature as these cook quick and you don’t want them to burn.
To make the pancake batter put all the ingredients into a medium bowl and whisk until it looks like a smooth batter with no lumps. I actually doubled up the batter ingredients to make more but to be honest it was probably a bit much so it may be best to stick to these original amounts. 
After the batter is smooth, cover the bowl and leave for around 30 mins to thicken, you will notice a considerable difference when you go to stir it again. 

Now you have your basic batter, grease 1-2 medium depth baking trays and pour the batter about 3/4 full leaving some space at the top in case it puffs up a bit like mine did! At this point you can prepare your toppings I just sliced a banana and melted some chocolate spread then arranged it evenly across the batter in the tray making sure it wasn’t pushed too deep into the batter or left on the top where it might burn. 

Now put your trays in the preheated oven and check back in around 15 mins it may need 25 mins overall but when the top begins to look golden and a toothpick comes out clean, they’ll be ready! 
Once the pancakes were lukewarm rather than hot I added some more melted chocolate spread to the top and tucked in! 

I couldn't believe how simple and quick this recipe was. Not only that but with a handful of basic ingredients and the option to really experiment this will be fun for kids to try too! 
Please have a go and let me know how it works it for you! 

H x