Christmas Tree Farm, Downe, Kent

We decided now that lockdown measures have eased considerably, we would start to venture out to more places we’d planned on visiting before. One of the places we hadn’t bargained for was Christmas Tree Farm in Downe, Kent, this adorable little petting zoo is a lovely day out for any age! 

The farm is located on a large estate with great parking (and I’m guessing does/used to sell Christmas trees but now it has a lovely farm full of energetic and hungry animals!) I say hungry but I really mean greedy. The farm is located only about 15 minutes drive from where we live so it will definitely be a regular place for us. Downe in general is a really lovely village with a couple of nice restaurants and pubs all set around a monument and a few fields, it also looks like a great spot for walking! 
The petting zoo itself is really cheap at £5 a person and with that you can buy a small bucket of animal food for £1 or a large bucket for £1.50, we only got one small bucket but the animals are incredibly greedy so we probably should have had one more!
The farm has all sorts of animals including llamas, alpacas, horses, ponies, sheep and goats as well as smaller animals like rabbits and guinea pigs that are all vying for your bucket of food and more than happy for a little scratch at the same time. 

The highlight of this day was meeting the farm’s two cows. I didn’t get their names but they had some real character, the minute you walk over and they spy that bucket of food they stick their long tongue out at you to pour the food straight into their mouths! I thought this was a cleverly-timed picture when I saw it on the website but sure enough they showed off their little party trick to every person that came over, it was so funny to see all the families laughing at them. 

All in all this little farm is a great day for older and younger alike who just want a little time with some animals, they also offer a cafe and little restaurant for lunch which wasn’t open at the time but looked like it was normally quite busy as they had a big outdoor picnic area too. The prices are great and the animals are happy and healthy, what more could you ask for on a relaxing day out!

Here’s some proof if you didn’t believe me about the cows!

Hopefully see you there next time, 

H x