Monthly Favourites- June

1. LUSH- Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar
£8 @ Lush

Yet again another item from my bathroom (are we sensing a theme?) but this is one of the best! Lush’s shampoo/conditioner/body wash bars are some of my favourite products to use at shower time, obviously they’re natural, vegetarian and cruelty free but even more amazingly…they’re zero waste! The bars come in a paper packaging that can be easily recycled and Lush also sell a metal tin to put the bars into as they can get a bit slimy on the side of the shower. This particular shampoo bar is my favourite mainly for its ingredients and its smell, it consists of Fair Trade Honey, Sweet Wild Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil (please see the lush website for full list of ingredients), this concoction makes for a refreshing but insanely nourishing shampoo without a bottle! There is a trick to applying the bar to your scalp, I’m pretty certain on Lush’s website they recommend lathering the shampoo bar into your hands and then running your hands through your hair (root to end) to get the most out of it BUT I just smother the bar against my head and let it foam up that way (sorry to any Lush lovers or haircare specialists that are crying right now) I’ve found this the quickest way for me and the sweet honey scent still lasts the whole evening on my hair. If I could have a lifetime supply of one shampoo and one conditioner it would be this shampoo bar and the Hempz Pineapple and Honeydew Melon conditioner that I've raved about in another Monthly Favourites , if I had those all the time I would smell like the tropical goddess I wish I was! If you’re looking to still indulge in a beautifully scented and vegetarian/cruelty free shower time routine without the obscene amount of plastic waste littering both our bathrooms and the oceans, I cannot recommend Lush’s Bar products enough…and at £8 they’re a steal!

2. THIS (Isn’t Bacon) Plant-Based Bacon
£2.95 @ Tesco

June 2020 has been good to me. Finally got the word I’m going back to work so we can get back to some sense of normality and to top it all off; Tesco started stocking the THIS (Isn’t Bacon) Plant-Based Bacon! I had wanted to try this for months and months but couldn’t find it anywhere! Well thank you THIS and thank you Tesco! I guess £2.95 is about the price I thought it would be, although the taste is great I guess it is a bit expensive compared to meat bacon which you can get for just over £1 (but obviously we’re keeping animals alive by paying an extra £1.95 which is more than good enough for me). So I treated myself to it and made my first vegan bacon bagel since going vegetarian almost 1 year ago, this was a big moment for me as there aren’t many actual meats I’ve missed but chicken (easily substituted now) and bacon were my main loves. The bacon actually does look like thick-sliced bacon and it comes in little slices so it's easier to fry and looks more realistic too, it has a smoky smell but not too much of a smoky taste which I feel is what's ruined other vegan bacon products for me in the past. It’s super quick to fry it only takes about 2-3 minutes on each side and goes perfectly with a lovely New York Original Bagel and a huge blob of tomato sauce! It will be a year to the day since I went vegetarian in August so I’ll be writing a proper post all about my health and favourite foods then but I couldn’t not include this revelation in my June favourites. 
Thank you THIS for allowing me to fall in love (guilt-free) with bacon again.

3. TOTM Organic Sanitary Towels 
84p @ Tesco, usually £3.50

Just a couple of quick ones to finish off this month’s favourites. When shopping at Tesco a couple of weeks ago I found these TOTM sanitary towels in the reduced section (nothing wrong with them the box was just a bit crushed) they had gone from £3.50 to just 84p! I’m always looking for ways to have a more sustainable period, I know some people just try and get through it but it's important for me to try my best to be more sustainable in all aspects of my life so I jumped at the chance of trying these out. 
Now for some background info on TOTM (Time Of The Month). They are a sustainable period products company, they offer sanitary towels, tampons in both non applicator and applicator, menstrual cups and liners. All of their products are either 100% biodegradable or reusable so they cut down on the huge amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfill from period care companies. They also use organic cotton in their sanitary towels which makes for a much healthier period too as your skin is still able to breathe without being suffocated by horrible plastic fibres within the towel. I can vouch for their sanitary towels, they’re very comfortable and light-weight as well as being sealed in a biodegradable and compostable film and then packaged in a cardboard box that can be easily recycled. Although this brand is far more expensive than your normal period care brand, they are offering a much better quality and 100% sustainable alternative. They do also offer a monthly subscription that delivers to your house in discreet packaging if you wanted to try them out that way, I'm considering it so I’ll let you know how it goes! 

4. Soft & Gentle Aerosol Deodorant 
£1.75 @ Tesco

Our final favourite for this month may seem like a boring one but it's something I struggle to find as a vegan/sustainable product. For years I have been trying to find the perfect deodorant for me; one that has a great smell that lasts all day as well as good coverage and it must be cruelty free/vegan and in recyclable packaging, is that too much to ask?! I think I’ve found that with Soft & Gentle. I’ve been using this brand for about a year as it's the only brand I can find in the supermarket that’s not just affordable at £1.75 but also shows on the bottle that it’s cruelty free (there are some other vegan deodorant brands but they’re all well over £6 each). 
The main stand-out point for this brand is their scents. The scents are natural, strong and fresh smelling, the one I have currently has become my new favourite which is Ylang-Ylang and Almond Oil in a big 250ml can! When we moved house a few months ago and started shopping somewhere new I didn’t think finding Soft & Gentle would be a problem as where I shopped previously had about 5 different types of S&G deodorant but I was mistaken, its only been in the last month that my nearest Tesco has stocked the large Soft & Gentle at a reasonable price (the other ones are £3.70 for 100ml cans). 
My point here is, we are bombarded with personal hygiene brands that look like they’re doing great things for your body when really they’re stuffing up your pores with chemicals making you sweat more, Soft & Gentle uses organic oils and 0% alcohol in their deodorants so it’s less likely to irritate your skin, this product is also vegan so is a lot gentler than the majority of anti-perspirants. If you are looking for an affordable deodorant that won’t break your skin or your bank account, I suggest starting with Soft & Gentle. 

Thanks for reading! Please let me know if you've enjoyed any of these products too! 

H x