Leybourne Lakes Country Park

Last month we started a new hobby together; hiking! 

Well, it’s less hiking more just going on long walks in the countryside, we aren’t walking anywhere too strenuous but it’s been great exercise, really relaxing and we’ve gotten out to a load of new places we might not have considered before. 

One of these places is Leybourne Lakes Country Park, Aylesford. This beautiful little lakes and forest is the perfect place to go on a sunny afternoon, we decided to go on a boiling hot afternoon but it was still really lovely. 
The country park has plenty to do other than walking; there are children's play parks, activities like nature discovery and orienteering as well as water sports like paddle-boarding, canoeing and swimming. It was pretty busy when we went there but it’s so well spaced out that we didn't come into contact with too many people as we walked around. 
The trail we followed was a 1.2 mile walk so not that long but long enough in the baking sun! It lead in a circle so we got to see the beautiful lakes and wildlife from all angles. 

My favourite spot was super secluded, we took a wrong turn and ended up at a little way off the path, but it turned out to be a great find as there was literally no one around and this place looked like paradise! It was just a shaded sandy area under some trees but because of the weather, the water was bright blue and green and looked like a pool! Combine that with the shade of the trees and the soft sand it was like a tiny beach! We’ll definitely bring our swim stuff next time and try and get that place to ourselves. 

The country park is really easy to get to either driving or through public transport, it's on a main road and pretty well signposted, the car park is cheap at £1.20 for 4 hours! We had a lovely day and will go back soon!
If you live near I hope you’ll go and check it out because it's a really relaxing place to spend the afternoon.

H x