Monthly Favourites- July

Ruxley Manor Garden Centre, Sidcup

This is by far my favourite place that we’ve found since moving to Kent. Ruxley Manor is as grand as it sounds but it’s also an awesome garden centre, restaurant, cafe and food market where you can buy literally anything you can think of! Due to the current situation the centre is split up into the food market and the overall garden centre so you gotta make a choice before you join a line otherwise you’ll end up queuing for the wrong thing. There is tons of parking and once you get into the garden centre its not hilly or uneven ground and there's plenty of places to stop and sit for a bit so it’s accessible for everybody. The first time we went there we just went to have a look at the plants and furniture, we didn’t buy anything but we fell in love with all the different outdoor stuff like BBQ’s, dining sets and cosy outdoor armchairs! There are also huge amounts of pet toys/food as well as fish to buy, (we will be making a trip back soon to buy some fish from there so I’ll keep you updated) you will never be bored here. 
So as I said, Ruxley Manor offers a little cafe doing your typical tea and cakes but they also have an Italian/seafood restaurant right outside the front of the building, we’ve checked out the menu and it looks great so when it gets back up and running we’ll definitely go for a meal in there! 
My favourite thing about Ruxley Manor is their food hall and food market, it’s laid out like a really traditional farmers market with fresh fruit and veg as well as butchered meat and fish and freezer ready meals that look way better than they sound. I have to admit that everything was a bit pricey but garden centres in general always are and especially a little farmers market in the middle of a garden centre, it was bound to be expensive, but we got our bargain eyes on and managed to find some fresh fruit, a delicious loaf cake on offer as well as chicken wings for my partner and I even treated myself to a beautiful Camembert and root vegetable pie which was so tasty! We will definitely come back to the farmers market when we want to treat our family and friends. 

And just when you think you’ve seen everything from the garden centre, they send a free magazine to the house! It has little gardening tips, new products they’re introducing as well as coupons at the back to use in the garden centre for plants and garden decor! 
I know you must be thinking that I’m making such a big deal out of a simple garden centre but it’s of such high quality and in such a good location that its become a staple place that we go when we have a day off together. It’s also about to become a meeting place for me and my parents as I really want to show everything off to them…and use the coupons I’ve got to buy some strawberry plants! 
If you ever find yourself in the local area near Ruxley Manor then please please go and have a day out there, you’ll find so many things you didn’t even know you needed for your garden as well as gaining a lot of inspiration for house plants or new garden projects!

Banana Hair Mask
£12 @ The Body Shop

This hair mask is by no means new to me, but it is one of my favourites. I tried it for the first time when we went on holiday to Barbados last year and it really tied the whole day together when I could smooth this tropical scented cream through my hair whilst being on a tropical island! I really do love this product but even if I’d hated it, I still would of loved the connection between it and my holiday. During lockdown I was feeling a bit rubbish so decided to treat myself to a couple of bits from The Body Shop, one being this hair mask and the other their new Cucumber Body Butter (it wasn’t really right for me so I won’t be reviewing it) but I was so excited when the hair mask arrived! 
You all know I love shower products that have a really good scent and this is one of the best smelling hair masks I’ve ever owned, not only that but the scent lasts all evening and into the morning! It’s a very distinctive smell that I reckon I could pick out if blindfolded, it doesn’t exactly smell like real natural bananas, it has that sweet smell of those classic yellow foamy banana sweets you get in Pick n Mix which is such a fun smell to have in the shower. 
Now for the important bits, I always use Body Shop products because they’re as natural as possible and always cruelty free and vegan which is the most important thing for me. The hair mask is made using community trade bananas so you know the money is being put back into the right hands as well as being made without any silicones.I’ll include a picture of the ingredients so you know if there's anything in there that might upset your skin but it’s mainly bananas, Brazil nut oil, Brazilian cupuacu butter, shea butter and cocoa butter so you can only imagine how nourishing this is, it always leaves my hair smelling amazing as well as very shiny, lightweight and soft (even now when I haven’t had my hair cut since 2019!!). 

The hair mask comes in a big 8 ounce recyclable tub and I use it once a week just to give my hair a bit of extra nourishment so this will last me about 3 months with medium length hair, at a price of £12 a tub for 3 months worth of hair care that doesn’t seem bad to me.  
If you’re looking for a treatment to spice up your haircare routine this could be it. It is made with so many natural ingredients that it would be impossible for it not to do some good to everybody’s hair as well as being cruelty free and vegan, making it more accessible for everyone. This hair mask does wonders for my hair and that is why I buy it time and time again, I hope you at least give it a go as I’m sure you won’t regret it! 

Original Source Mango Body Wash
£1 @ Tesco

The final item this month is yet again something I’ve been loving in the shower (are these getting old yet?), the mango body wash from Original Source. This was my first time trying this particular body wash from their range, I got a huge bottle of Original Source coconut body wash a few weeks ago and it made my skin feel like silk, especially after shaving but it had this weird sweet marzipan smell that certainly wasn’t coconut that kind of ruined it for me. But anyway, I found my back up in the mango body wash, it still makes my skin so soft and nourished but also smells like I’m just squeezing a fresh mango all over myself, which is great if you love mangoes like me! 

Original Source is one of those brands I find myself buying over and over again as they consistently have great products that not only smell lovely but do wonders for your skin, the variety of scents is always great, the smaller bottles like the one I have are £1 so great value too and the best part…they are cruelty free and vegan! The 100% recyclable bottle is a great size as you only need a small amount when washing, it will last a long time but the bottle is small enough to take with you to the gym or on mini breaks away without feeling like you’re lugging a salon’s worth of products in your bag! The product is tested on employees of the company (I will leave a picture of the ingredients for you to look at) it’s paraben free and now something I’ve been trying my best to take more interest in; the body wash is made in the U.K, I feel like for the sake of less air miles and pollution it’s really important to try and buy products that are made in your country, as well as obviously helping to support a brand from your own home! 

Original Source has quickly become a product that I always look for when I’m on the hunt for a new body wash, they just never fail to deliver on price, sustainability and quality. They have a lot more products to try than just coconut and mango so please go and take a look for yourself, they’re available at all major supermarkets (I’m pretty sure). I just know you’ll love them! 

H x