Book Review #5

I have just finished reading another classic book by James Patterson called Haunted. 

Since reading a couple of his other books I have become obsessed with his writing and storytelling, although I’m not going online and buying up his entire catalogue; I always have a look in charity shops to see if they have any in (a lot of the time they do!) and try to get as many as possible that way. His books are so easy to become lost in and I always end up binging each book in a couple of days, the storytelling is so fast-paced yet easy to keep up with that you don’t want to stop reading in case the story carries on without you! 

Haunted centres around an NYPD cop called Michael Bennet with a VERY large family and a doting girlfriend, his life seems pretty good apart from the fact he’s trying to hide a not-so-secret problem surrounding one particular member of his family, this problem forces him to see his job from a different perspective and to step away from the usual detective mindset he’s become so used to. 
To try and escape his problems for a while he arranges a family holiday to Maine, in a large, old house within a tiny, tight-knit community, he begins to see that small-town Maine isn’t all that different from large-scale New York when he uncovers the town’s secrets. 

James Patterson has very quickly become one of my favourite authors so I always keep a lookout for any of his books (and steal them from my friends when they’re finished with them). Unfortunately, I have run out of his books for now and I have a mountain of others to read from different authors but soon I will be back scouting for more James Patterson! 
If you’re looking for books that will draw you in from the first chapter to the last, you should 100% have a read of some of Patterson’s work! 

H x