Breakfast Recipe- Raspberry Sheet Tray Pancakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

Back at it again with another easy pancake recipe! This one follows the same recipe as my first sheet tray pancakes with just a few extra ingredients for the topping. I gotta say I experimented a bit and decided to use the original amount of ingredients and not double it like I did last did not work, there just wasn’t enough mixture to coat the tray so I’m going to double the ingredients here so that hopefully it’ll work out for you! 

This is definitely not your everyday breakfast pancake, this is a super sweet and sugary treat for that special birthday, breakfast in bed, or Christmas Day breakfast with the whole family and with the revised double mixture amount you should have enough for 3-5 people.

The ingredients you’ll need are:

Pancake Batter (recipe found at

200g Plain Flour
2 tbsp sugar 
4 Large Eggs
600 ml Milk 
2 tbsp Oil (I use sunflower oil)
4 tsp vanilla essence 
3/4 punnet of Raspberries (save a handful for topping) 


250g Cream Cheese
125g Icing Sugar
125g Butter 
Handful of Raspberries


To make the basic pancake batter add all the main ingredients into a bowl and whisk (preferably with an electric/hand mixer) until the batter is smooth and all the ingredients are combined. Do not add your raspberries yet! 

Once this is done, set the bowl aside for 30 mins to allow the batter to thicken, when you come back to give it a little whisk you should feel that the batter is considerably thicker and more of a pouring consistency than a dripping one. At this point you can preheat your oven to 160-180 fan/Gas Mark 4, we want to keep the temperature low as these cook quick so we don’t wanna burn them. 

Now grab a medium-depth, well-greased tray and pour the batter into it about 3/4 full to allow for it to puff up a bit like mine always does. Now we can use our raspberries! Add them on top of the batter, pushing them down a bit so they don’t burn when exposed in the oven but not too far otherwise they’ll just sink to the bottom when cooking, then chuck it all in the oven for between 20-25 mins but check on it after 15 mins. Once the mixture goes golden brown and you can see it puffing up then take them out. 

Whilst your pancakes are cooking, you can make the cream cheese frosting. This is very easy and VERY sweet. Simply add your cream cheese, butter, and icing sugar into a bowl and whisk together until you get a creamy consistency, you want to be able to pour/spread this so it can’t be too thin, once this is done just set it aside until your pancakes are cool. 

Once the pancakes are out of the oven, give them about 15 minutes to cool down before running a pizza cutter through them to create squares of pancake then pour/dollop the frosting over the top and spread evenly. For a bit of extra flair pop the remaining raspberries on top of the frosting and then you’re all done!  

Now enjoy! 

This recipe is just as simple as the last except we’ve added a little topping for some extra goodness! I really hope you’ll try this out with family and friends, I’ve found making this recipe as a traybake means I never burn the pancakes and they still come out golden-brown and delicious every single time! If you’re like me and aren’t too good at pancake flipping then this is definitely the cheat around that, if you like this one then check out the first version of this recipe that I posted in July which is a simple but equally delicous chocolate and banana recipe .  

H x