Iced Coffee!

Although I'm really excited to get Halloween and Christmas started I can’t help but want to hold onto summer just a little bit longer. If you’re feeling as pathetic as me then this super easy, super simple iced coffee recipe from Tesco might help you out a bit! 

Bit of a disclaimer…I actually don’t like coffee. So if you’ve clicked on this and like me, are part of that small minority that don't like coffee, please hang on! I’ve found two ways to make it, one that keeps the coffee strong and one that weakens it quite a lot so it’s more palatable for the coffee weaklings like myself. 

Honestly, this recipe has changed my mind about coffee. 

2 servings 

4 tsp Instant Coffee of your choice 
4 tsp Sugar 
400ml Boiling Water 
6 tbsp Single Cream 
4 tbsp Vanilla Extract 


In a heatproof jug add your instant coffee and sugar then pour over the boiling water and mix until the coffee granules have dissolved. 

Once the granules have dissolved, put the mixture in the fridge for at least an hour until it's completely cold. Here is where you can split dependant on how strong you like your coffee, I found that leaving it an hour means it still has a strong taste but is weakened slightly by the cream and vanilla at the end, if you want the bitter coffee taste to be weaker then leave the jug overnight and it’ll be just a nice gentle coffee flavour. 

Now fill a glass with ice cubes, I found a smaller glass is better. 

Now pour your chilled coffee over the ice and add your single cream, if you want it weaker add more cream, if you like it stronger then add less! I also chose to add two tbsp of vanilla extract to each glass to sweeten it up a bit but that’s up to you. 

And there we have it! I know, it’s barely a recipe but if you haven’t made coffee before (some of us haven’t!) then its just a little guideline but it’s completely up to you how you make it and what you add in, you could add chocolate or a milk alternative (personally I would love coconut milk/cream with it) to make it vegan. 
Since making it we’ve had an iced coffee almost every day, it’s just so easy and fun to make as well as it tasting delicious! 

I’m now considering making it most mornings, I think it’ll be worth waking up early for. 
Hope you enjoy it as much as we have! 

H x