VEGAN Iced Coffee!

As soon as those buds start to form on the trees and the little spring flowers come out, I get an extra spring in my step! With this comes (hopefully) brighter and warmer sunshine and that always makes me want to whip out the iced coffee. This is actually a re-boot of the original blog post because I wanted to do better, re-create this to be dairy-free and vegan and hopefully create something simple and delicious to give coffee connoisseurs, apparent coffee haters, or even those who still aren't sure how they feel about coffee (me!) a tasty drink to enjoy together. 

Bit of a disclaimer…I actually don’t like coffee, but I love the idea of it and how versatile it is and I WANT to like it. So if you’ve clicked on this and like me, are part of that small minority that doesn't like coffee, please hang on! I’ve found two ways to make it, one that keeps the coffee strong and one that weakens it quite a lot so it’s more palatable for the coffee weaklings like myself. 

2 servings 

2 tbsp Instant Coffee of your choice 
400ml Boiling Water 
100ml Vegan Milk (I used almond)
2 tbsp Maple Syrup/ Golden Syrup

In a heatproof jug/ Caffetiere add your instant coffee and then pour over the boiling water and leave to steep for around 10 mins until the coffee granules have dissolved. 

Once the granules have dissolved, leave the coffee for at least an hour until it's completley cold. Here is where you can split depending on how strong you like your coffee, I found that leaving it an hour means it still has a strong taste but is weakened slightly by the cream and vanilla at the end, if you want the bitter coffee taste to be weaker then leave it overnight in the fridge and it’ll be just a nice gentle coffee flavour. 
However you choose, pour your coffee into your favourite glass and add the milk. 

I did actually add ice before pouring the coffee into the glass, but found that when I added the golden syrup, the syrup froze to the side of the glass (maybe obvious to some, but clearly not to me!), so pour the coffee and milk about 3/4 of the way up the glass for now and give it a stir to combine, take a taste now if you like, if it's too stong add a dash more milk. 
Now squeeze in the golden syrup and give it a good stir! Give it another taste, we want that sweetness to really come through. 

Now simply add your ice to fill the glass and enjoy! 

And there we have it! 
Honestly, this has changed my mind about coffee. I know, it’s barely a recipe but if you haven’t made coffee before (some of us haven’t!) then it's just a little guideline it’s completely up to you how you make it and what you add in, you could add chocolate or whip up some milk and make a fancy foam for the top (maybe next year I'll have the skills to try that one!), or keep it simple like this and just enjoy a refreshing little coffee to welcome in Spring. 

I’m now considering making it most mornings, I think it’ll be worth waking up early for. 
I hope you enjoy it as much as we have! 

H x