Monthly Favourites- August

Blueberry shampoo 

£1 @ tesco 

Obviously, the majority of my monthly favourites have come from my bathroom again…what can I say?! I’m obsessed. The first favourite is a super cheap and reliable one, the Blueberry Shampoo from Tesco. This shampoo smells as good as it sounds, it is only £1 for a big bottle and we actually got it for 40p because it was reduced. The shampoo is way better than I thought it was going to be, it has a lovely nourishing texture and has made my hair really soft and shiny! 
The best part for me is that it’s vegan! I’ve found that the majority of supermarket own toiletries and cleaning products are often vegan so if you’re trying to be more conscious about what you buy and where it comes from, please don’t think you can’t afford it. Because the bottle is 500ml it’s lasting a really long time too, I’ve been using it over a month on my medium length, thick hair and I’m not even halfway through so if you're looking for a cheap, vegan and good quality shampoo then maybe take a trip to Tesco! 

Original source lime body wash 
£1 @ Tesco

I raved about Original Source last month so I had to buy another body wash this month! The Lime Body Wash from Original Source has to be my favourite so far, it has an amazing fresh citrus scent that’s good to use at any time of the day, it says ‘zingy’ on the bottle and it’s not lying! I can imagine if you really struggle to get going in the morning a shower full of this will definitely wake you up. Like all the Original Source products it is very soothing and moisturising on the skin as well as being 100% vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free and made in the UK! 
To top it all off the medium-sized bottles I get from Tesco are only £1 but you can get huge bottles for £1.60 so it’s a saving with whichever one you buy, I will definitely continue to try out all the different products as they’re so cheap and give me everything I need but if you’re in need of a long-lasting body wash that also has a huge variety of unisex scents then Original Source is the way to go! 

Sukin Moisturiser
Gift but £7.95 on website 

Sukin is a brand I’ve been raving about to all my friends and family for over a year now, I came across a bottle of moisturiser in TK MAXX ages ago and just tried it..from there my love of Sukin began! Since then my family has bought me a literal basket full of products to use so I finally got round to starting it, this moisturiser has done wonders for my skin it’s very gentle so even on sensitive skin I don’t think you’d have an issue (but please check first!). The moisturiser is made from Rosehip, Avocado, Sesame and Jojoba oils so you can imagine the nutrients, I’ve found over the months I used it that it made my face unbelievably soft and controlled any spots I got too, I got the bottle as a Christmas present and started using it just after Christmas and it lasted until the start of August so a good 5-6 months from a £7.95 bottle of moisturiser is amazing! 

Sukin themselves are a great company; they’re Australian made, only use natural ingredients, cruelty-free, vegan and they offset their carbon emissions so they’re carbon neutral too! I think the moisturiser is a staple for almost everyone, it sinks in within a couple of minutes and won’t leave a greasy feeling on your skin, it made my skin feel like silk and it also reduced redness around my cheeks to give me a more even skin tone, I found it held the moisture in my skin all day at work but I think you could apply twice a day if you have particularly dry skin as it does work fast. 
Sukin is literally a dream company for me and continue to make outstanding products for a really reasonable price, I find all their products at TK MAXX so you’ll save a bit of money off the original price buying from there too. All I can say is give their products a go, I would struggle to see how anyone could be disappointed and I really hope it’s a company you’ll love and buy from again and again!  

Modern White and Wood Plant Pot
£16 @ Homesense

My plant goals have finally been completed! Over a 2 year period I have been able to grow my baby money tree into a fully-fledged house plant! Since I started buying plants when I was 17 all I’ve wanted is to grow a plant big enough to have on the floor as a house plant and that day has finally arrived! I went to TK MAXX and Homesense with my mum a couple of weeks ago and we spent a good portion of the morning looking through countless plant pots (may seem boring to some but I love it) and we finally found the perfect one. This stylish, almost Scandinavian looking pot with wooden legs fits perfectly in the living room but would look good pretty much anywhere because of the neutral colour scheme. I thought it was a really good price at £16 and it’s really sturdy and easy to keep clean as the white pot feels like porcelain with a varnish on top to keep it shiny, that was the only one we could see on the shelf so it’s nice to have something that’s a bit of a one-off too. 
I don’t usually talk about plants that much because I worry that you’ll all find it boring to read about but they’re actually a massive part of my life, I’ve got about 30 different cacti and succulents spread between my, my parents, and my boyfriend’s parents houses all in quirky little pots I’ve managed to rescue from charity shops or Homesense, but this new one is my favourite, not just because of the way it looks but it also symbolises that I am capable of looking after plants and growing them into big healthy house plants I can use as features in rooms! I can’t wait for some others to be big enough and I can start this all over again. 
If you’ve never been or you aren’t sure I highly recommend TK MAXX and Homesense as great places to buy plant pots, they always have a huge range of all different unique sizes and shapes that will really brighten up a room with loads of different designs!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s favourites and it’s inspired you to try something new! 

H x