Breakfast Recipe- Broccoli, Pea and Cheddar Fritters

Bit of a change of pace; as in, no Halloween inspired meals on this one. But it’s a tasty snack nonetheless! I found this recipe for fritters in a Tesco magazine and knew I had to try it with my favourite vegan bacon. Now, I have to confess that I HATE peas, like, seriously hate them, BUT with them mashed into these fritters and hidden with broccoli and cheddar I couldn’t even see or taste them! So, if you have pea haters like me in your house (albeit I'm sure they're much younger than me), then maybe give this one a go and see if they notice the hidden nutritious ingredient. 


Serves 2

4 Rashers of Bacon 
150g Broccoli, broken in florets and chop the stem into fine pieces 
50g Frozen Peas 
3 Eggs
38g Plain Flour 
25g Grated Mature Cheddar 
1 Small Crushed Clove of Garlic 
Oil For Frying 


First, take your chopped broccoli and steam it for around 5 minutes or until the stems have softened, add your peas in too they’ll only take 3-4 minutes just to cook through. Put the broccoli and peas in a large mixing bowl to keep warm. (If you like to grill or bake your bacon then put it in the oven now).

Now mash the broccoli and peas together, if you have a hand blender that might be better. Don’t puree it, we just want it blitzed (finely chopped). Now mix in 1 egg, flour, cheese and garlic then season to taste with salt and pepper. 

Now we’re on to the good bit, heat your oil in a frying pan over a medium-high heat. Divide the mixture into 4 and fry! Flatten them down with a spatula so they have a disc-like shape (I tried my best, they weren’t disc-shaped but they were still good!). Depending on their size you might have to fry them separately or in smaller batches to make sure they cook properly. Fry each fritter for around 6 minutes until each side is golden brown and they hold their shape without falling apart. While these were frying I also added in the bacon to cook alongside. 

If you fancy it, use the 2 eggs and poach them! I’d never poached an egg before (I’m embarrassed to say) but all you do is crack the egg into a mug and slide it into your boiling water; if you drop it in the white and yolk will separate and you won’t get the desired look, cook for at least 3 minutes for a runny yolk or a couple more minutes for a firm one. 

After that, you can serve up! 

Well, these didn't look exactly like the magazine they were ummm…more rustic?? But they definitely still tasted great! These would be great as a snack at lunch or even for dinner if you wanted to add some chips and vegetables with it. They’re so easy to make and using only a handful of fresh ingredients that you’ve probably already got lying around the fridge, they can be made at any time without spending too much money. And one extra plus, you can freeze the fritters too! So, maybe make a batch and keep some in the freezer for those lazy nights in!  

H x