Dinner Recipe- Spooky Pizzas!

It’s getting closer to Halloween and the weather has definitely turned, so let’s make something that’ll keep us all cosy and happy! These pizzas were very simple as I didn't make the dough or the passata (sorry) but they were delicious! My goal was to cut mozzarella out with cookie cutters so they would resemble ghosts…then I realised my cookie cutters were too big for the ball of mozzarella so we settled for a small gingerbread man cutter (they might look spooky with splats of ketchup on them!)…then all the shapes melted in the oven which was to be expected I guess, but the main thing is they tasted amazing! 


Makes 2 Pizzas

2 Pre-Made Pizza Bases 
2 Mozzarella Balls 
300g Passata 
A Couple of Basil Leaves (for garnish) 

200g Cheese (we used Red Leicester)
Pack of Chorizo (obviously not on mine)
4-5 baby Mushrooms 

The toppings are completely up to you but I'm just putting down what we used! 


There isn’t much of a method to this, but just in case you didn't know how to put cheese and sauce on pizza; 

Start by unraveling the pizza dough, on ours it said to take it out of the fridge at least 15 minutes before use so it was at room temperature, roll it out onto your pizza tray (leaving the greaseproof paper on underneath) and begin smothering the dough in passata. The amount of passata depends on whether you like a lot of tomato, we bought a 500g pot and used about half so we had quite a lot but it was a thin sauce so we needed it! Make sure it reaches all the corners and is evenly spread around the dough.

Now grate over your base cheese (ours was Red Leicester), again, if you like a lot of cheese then grate it on thick so it melts all gooey together! 

Now add your favourite toppings, we just cut the mozzarella with cookie cutters and the leftover bits kind of looked like bats so I added them on too, if you have little cookie cutters you could have loads of fun with this!

Bake them for however long it says on your dough packet, ours was about 20 mins overall and I think they came out looking beautiful! The two kinds of cheese were a good mix too but if you hadn’t noticed…all my cute shapes disappeared! I guess it was obvious that was gonna happen but I did hope they would have least stayed as a flat version of the shape but oh well, there’s always next Halloween! 

Maybe have a go yourself if you’re a meal short this week, it takes no time at all, and any and every topping is gonna be delicious. If you do decide to cookie-cut the mozzarella then let me know how it goes and if you got it to maintain some sort of shape!

Happy Halloween! 

H x