Halloween Decorations

Since the 1st October, I’ve been adding little touches of Halloween around the house, these 5 small touches make me feel alot more festive as well as happier and more accepting of the colder weather and earlier nights.

Pumpkin Light

This is such a lovely decoration to have in the house, I got it from Homesense last year for £12, it’s a really good size too so it’ll look good on a bedside table, coffee table, fireplace or next to the TV like mine! It has a built-in fake pillar candle that’s set to flicker inside the pumpkin and give off this really cosy glow through the little slits. I like to wait for it to get dark out and then turn all the lights out and put the pumpkin on so I can just relax with glow in the corner of the room. 

Mummy Cookie Jar 

This one is also from last year’s Homesense buys and I just couldn’t resist picking it up, look at it’s little pumpkin! It’s actually quite big and holds almost two packets of biscuits (so more than enough for at least…hmm a week?) and it’s ceramic so no harmful plastic but it’s also heavy and sturdy enough to not tip over easily. I also love the morbid effect of having to take the mummy’s head off to grab a cookie! Besides Halloween cookie cutters, there aren’t too many things I can add to the kitchen to make it more festive so this is a really lovely addition.

Pillar Candles 

I know pillar candles are a really basic thing to have this time of year and yes, I know these are made of terrible plastic BUT I’ve had them years and finally having my own place means I can display them my own way! Like I say, I know they seem basic but when I put them on in the bedroom in the evenings and they’re just flickering against the window it just makes everything look so cosy! Also I like to have the candles and my salt lamp on and it still looks cosy but a little witchy too, which is perfect vibes for this time of year!

Scented Candles And Broken Mug 

The most obvious thing to have this time of year, scented candles! I absolutely love smelly candles and always try to find the strongests ones with the cosiest scents. The candle in the jar is Black Salt Toffee scented and comes from Homesense (if you couldn’t tell, I had a great time in there last year!) and the gingerbread tea lights are from Morrisons, I think. 
I also am using this mug for the first time, I bought it in Barbados last year and it got broken when we moved house. I was really sad and didn't want to let it go as the mug is hand-made and too special to just throw out, so I kept it knowing it would make a great re-purposed candle holder around Halloween! Although it holds this jar really well and will keep the tea lights off the table, I think it will look best with a long pillar candle in and it might look really creepy when the wax starts to melt all over the sides. 
I just think that lighting a candle and sitting in bed with those flickering lights (and the glow from the salt lamp) is such a cosy and relaxing way to end an autumn day. 

Ghost Plant Pot
So I actually bought this today, and although I am trying to say in this blog that you don’t need to go buying new things every year…this was too cute to resist (and it’s ceramic so no horrible plastic, we have to allow for some treats). I picked it up in Marks & Spencer’s for £5 and it’s the perfect size to sit on the bedroom windowsill and bring just a touch more Halloween into the room! I love that it came with this adorable cactus (even though they've spray-painted it white which is actually awful), there is a small pot already inside which means I can take the plant out of the pot at the end of Halloween, I’m into halloween but I don’t want a ghost plant pot in my room all year round, it wouldn’t be as special then! If you’re thinking of investing in some more decorations, things like this are perfect; cheap, easy to add to any room and not made of harmful materials. And if you are a bit of a mega Halloween-lover then you can have it all year round! 

I only wanted to make this post to show off all my cute halloween decorations haha! I think my favourite is the pumpkin and I always really look forward to this time of year when I get to bring all of this back out again. I know this post might seem a bit basic just talking about a couple of Halloween decorations but I wanted to make a point that you don’t need to buy new (plastic) decorations and go overboard every single year, it’s far more eco friendly, sustainable and cheaper in the long-run to buy a handful of good quality things that you’ll enjoy for many years. My aim is to have a couple of things for each room so that you get that festive vibe wherever you go in the house!  

I hope you’ve started putting a few cute/scary decorations up to make you feel alot more festive, there's alot of scary real-world things going on right now so if some scented candles and a light-up pumpkin will make you feel more comfortable at home then bring them out! 

Happy Halloween!

H x