Monthly Favourites- September

It’s finally October and you know what that means…it’s officially Halloween! I know there are a few miserable so-and-so’s out there (including my boyfriend) who won’t celebrate Halloween until the 31st October and won’t even mention Christmas until at least the middle of December..and even then it's only in whispers. But, if you’re still here that must mean you aren’t a miserable so-and-so and would like to start the spooky festivities from today too…I’m happy you’re here! Before we get to all that I just wanted to say goodbye to summer with some reminiscing over summery bakes as well as good old shower-time favourites! 

Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Conditioner 

Yet another shower time favourite from The Body Shop! I was pleasantly surprised by this Fuji Green Tea conditioner, I’ve always loved Body Shop products but sometimes they can be hit or miss when it comes to quality or strength but this one is just right. I’ve been using it for at least a month now and there's still a good couple of weeks left in it, for about £5.50 for a 250ml bottle it’s very good value for money. 
Now to talk about my favourite part; the smell. I usually like something with a really strong smell that fills the shower, well…this doesn’t have that but it does have a lovely subtle smell that is fresh and clean and lasts for hours afterward too! As with all Body Shop products now, the conditioner is vegetarian, cruelty-free and with a fully recyclable bottle, as far as I know, you can also return your empty bottles to The Body Shop for them to recycle and they’ll give you a little discount on other products (that seems more than worth it to me!). I absolutely love Body Shop products, they’re always great value for money and will last a really long time as well as the fact they’re all cruelty-free and vegan you can buy them knowing you’re doing some good too! 


Since starting the blog one big thing I wanted to improve on was my baking skill, by trying so many different recipes both cooking and baking every week I’ve noticed a massive difference not just in my baking skill but my confidence with it all too. Ever since I was a child I’d loved baking, from making little chocolate Rice Krispie squares with my grandma during the summer holidays to making carrot cake with my mum at the weekends but up until now every time I try to make something on my own it’s either burnt to a crisp, stuck to the tray or been kind of bland…those are not good features when you’re trying to cook for a blog! This meant that I lost a lot of confidence in baking and just saw it as more of a chore than a hobby to enjoy but baking for the blog has changed all that. Writing and trying these different recipes has not only given me and my family loads of treats (sometimes too many) to enjoy but has also pushed me to try new techniques and tricks that I’m now using all the time, just regular baking throughout September has drastically improved both my skills and my confidence. 
If you would rather try these recipes out for yourself like I did then try some of my favorites:
If you like these then come back over the next month, where I’ll be posting a load of cute Halloween baking/cooking recipes to keep you busy all the way through these festive periods!

Iced coffee

September is that middle-of-the-road month where some days are still warm enough for a t-shirt and other days it’s hard to even get out of bed! Fortunately, I found a super simple Iced Coffee recipe that's made transitioning from summer to autumn that little bit easier. With a sweet hint of sugar and vanilla and not an overwhelming taste of coffee it's great for babies like me that are only just getting into the bean juice. This recipe takes 10 mins to make (if you take away how long it’s gonna take you to make ice) and once you’ve had one, you’ll be making them every day for a sweet treat in the morning or evening! I don’t often make drinks on the blog as I feel a lot of drinks are pretty self-explanatory but this one was just a nice ending to summer that I wanted to share! It might be a bit late and cold for this now but I hope you come back for this recipe next year and swig-in summer with this one! 

Caramel, chocolate, and rum traybake 

The final favourite for this month is another food one, my new specialty; caramel, chocolate, and rum traybake! I have spoken to EVERYONE about this recipe so I’m sorry (not really) if you’re reading about it for the 1000th time…it’s just too good I think it deserves all the publicity it can get! 
I had been looking for easy recipes to try and make early on with the blog but I came across this in a Tesco magazine and it looked too good not to try. To be honest it isn’t the easiest recipe as you have to make the caramel from scratch and trying to make caramel in one pan and melt chocolate and butter in the other at the same time without any of it burning is a bit of a challenge but I haven’t burnt any of it (yet)! These traybake goodies are well worth the effort once you get into it and you soon forget about the mountain of washing up piling up next to you…I’m really selling this, aren’t I? Anyway, every recipe is tested out on my boyfriend who, although encouraging and patient is BRUTALLY honest, if he doesn’t like it he’s gonna let you know about it. Thankfully every time we make these he dives in as soon as they’re cool enough and always wants more of them after they've all gone…which is usually within 48 hours of making them. Another great thing about these is that they never seem to dry out, I don’t know if it's the mixture, the caramel or a mix of it all but even if they magically last more than three days they’re still lovely and moist every time, I think this recipe is good for someone who has a bit of baking knowledge but just wants a hardy recipe they can make over and over again for their eager family and friends. With my perfectionist tendencies and my partner’s brutal honesty, I can say that this is a delicious recipe and well worth making time and time again if you have the time and patience to try something new and do a bit of washing up! 

H x