Monthly Favourites- October

How is it November already?! This year is literally flying by and I’m doing my best to fill each month with a good mix of new and favourite things/experiences. Speaking of which let me tell you about some of my favourite things from October! 

Obviously, I couldn’t speak about October without talking about Halloween! I really got into the spooky spirit this year by decorating each room with just a hint of Halloween vibes, it was a lovely feeling to come home to all these autumnal and Halloween decorations. I really enjoyed trying lots of new baking recipes too, one of which was my Pumpkin Cookies, when I planned to make these it was touch and go whether I would like them as I’d only ever had pumpkin in soups before but it’s a cookie, what could go wrong?? The answer is…absolutely nothing! These cookies were moist, chewy, sweet and with just a hint of that earthy pumpkin, they made for a really delicious autumn treat. Now we’re in that limbo month between Halloween and Christmas it might be a good time to try making those pumpkin cookies just once more before we hide the pumpkins away for another year. 

I wasn’t expecting to get a new plant this time of year (I barely have enough space for the ones I already own so I try my best to ignore the urge to make our flat a real jungle) but when I saw this cute little succulent in M&S in its little ghost pot I knew this was coming home with me. I was a little bit disappointed to see they’d spray painted it with glow-in-the-dark paint but as you can see I’ve only had it a couple of weeks and the paint is already growing out so I’m hoping by around Christmas most of it will be gone. I’m all for interesting and quirky things but please don’t spray-paint plants or stick things on them, they are living creatures and it’s a bit mean to cover them in fake/plastic rubbish. Anyway rant over, I moved the plant into a less Halloween-ey pot and it can stay out all year round, I’ve found since owning a lot of plants they've become part of my seasonal decorating, trying to find Halloween/Christmas looking plant pots to put them in has become part of the fun, who says the plants can’t get involved too?!

And finally, with all this talk of pumpkins and pumpkin carving, I started to worry about all the food waste. My initial thought was to cook all the pumpkins into cookies and bread but when I was looking up recipes it said that "carving" pumpkins don’t have a lot of taste as they’ve been specifically grown to carve so are very hollow inside, but "cooking" pumpkins are much thicker and jucier. So that ruined my baking plans, instead, I cut them up into bowl-shapes and filled them with birdseed then put them out on our flat roof for the birds and squirrels! Within 10 minutes of me putting them out, there was already a squirrel running between each one hogging all the seed and pumpkin! So remember, just because we don’t want to eat the pumpkin, all the wild animals in your garden or neighbourhood would love some! I only arranged them like this as I knew the squirrels would love running in the longer pumpkin and sitting on top of the flatter ones PLUS it’s really lovely to sit and watch them eat everything knowing nothing is going to waste. 

I'll see you all the way throughout November with plenty of Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day ideas!

H x