Christmas Decorations!

Just like Halloween I really enjoy getting into the festive Christmas spirit as early as possible, especially this year! We didn't have a whole lot of stuff to put up so I had to buy a few little bits and pieces but I think it looks cute and cosy in the evening anyway. I tried to be as eco friendly as possible and not buy too much new stuff and use what we had, we had to buy our first artificial Christmas tree this year! Although the tree isn’t great for the environment I think it's better than chopping a live one down and leaving it to die in the living room for 3 weeks, at least this one looks good the entire time! But anyway, we had a reindeer light and some tree decorations so I invested in some adorable fairy lights for both the wall and the tree and I think they really pull the whole thing together. 


We got our tree for £20 from amazon, its only 4 feet but as we live in an attic apartment we have eaves that cut off a bit of headspace in the corners so a slightly smaller tree fit snugly. I also bought some candy canes from Tesco that were reduced to 50p!! They look super cute nestled among the tinsel, I bought a 6 pack of string lights from Amazon for £10 so I could dress each layer of the tree individually, it’s worked out really well and I even had one left over to trail along our windowsill, and of course, we have our gold star on top that I wrapped some fairy lights around to shine from all angles.

Fairy Lights/ Reindeer 

I’ve had this light-up reindeer for almost 5 years now, I got it from Laura Ashley when I used to work there and it always adds just a little bit of class to the room I think. Although its batteries are running low it still looks cosy up against the tree in the evenings. 

This, I think is my biggest Christmas decorating achievement! I made a small wall of fairy lights, I got this pack of 40ft of fairy lights for £20 from amazon and originally wanted to trail them down our banister but the lights only have a USB charging port so it’s kind of difficult to plug them in near the stairs, but my next best thing was to frame the back of our living room with this little display! When you turn all the lights off in the evening and just have the glow behind you as well as the reindeer and the tree it makes everything seem so much cosier, and with the wall of lights it’s not even that dark! I really enjoyed putting this up and I can’t wait to try it somewhere different next year (or buy some more and have two walls of light!). Also, I attached them to the wall with white washi tape, considering we live in a rented place we REALLY don’t need to be ripping the paint off the walls with sellotape, so paper-based washi tape works perfectly! 

Christmas cookie tin 

The next two things are decorations that tie the whole flat together for me personally, I don’t like to just have the living room decorated, although I didn't decorate anywhere else this year I do have a couple of things in the kitchen to keep the festivities going! I have these cookie tins!

The design isn’t even the best part, when you open the lid, the larger one plays Christmas music, which although really cute, it does get a little annoying whenever you reach for a biscuit! I’m not sure where this it's from, it’s pretty old and I think it’s from a supermarket and originally was full of packs of biscuits but I've seen plenty of ceramic biscuit tins in the shape of snowmen and Santa so if you’re looking for a cute biscuit tin to add a touch of Christmas in your kitchen then there's loads all over the internet. I now also have a new addition to the Christmas biscuit tins as we finished off some delicious butter biscuits from Aldi, I’m gonna keep this beautiful Scandinavian design tin to hold extra biscuits…you know there’s always extra snacks at Christmas!

Christmas plates

And finally, I saw these plates in Homesense last year and at first, thought they were the ugliest plates ever and then I remembered, nothing Christmas inspired can be ugly! Genuinely, once I got them home I actually really liked them, they look hand-painted and they’re just a really nice thing to put out on the buffet table or to use when decorating cookies. I’m not sure how much they were but Homesense and TK MAXX always have the most amazing Christmas stuff including really random pieces like these Christmas plates that I wasn’t expecting to find but they’re one of my favourite things I own! 

Next year like I say, I don’t want to buy too much but we do need an upgrade on Christmas decorations for the tree and I really want to see if I can find some Christmas inspired stuff for the bathroom, a bath mat and towels with Santa's face on would just make my bathroom! I know it sounds weird but I just like to have little Christmas bits all over the place and I think some Christmas bath towels would be so cute! 
I hope you’ve found some time to do some decorating and get into the Christmas spirit! Although this year might be alot different for all of us, I know we can get through it together, and bringing a bit of festive cheer into the house might just be the way to do it. 

Merry Christmas, 

H x