Lotus Biscoff No-Bake Cheesecake

I know your mouth is watering just reading the title but keep going! I haven't met a single person that doesn’t like biscoff biscuits and when I saw this recipe on Ashwak’s youtube channel I knew I had to try it. I’ve been wanting to make one of Ashwak’s recipes for a while, she’s been so kind and supportive to me especially as I've been learning how to use my website and Instagram as best I can, so I thought I’d repay her by trying one of her most delicious recipes…and it’s super easy too! 

Serves 8

For the base:
235g Lotus Biscoff Biscuits 
85g Unsalted Butter, melted 

For the filling:
237ml Double Cream (I used whipping cream and it worked exactly the same) 
350g Cream Cheese
260g Lotus Biscoff Spread
75g Icing Sugar 
Pinch of Salt 

To start with, crush the cookies into a fine crumb; I used a fruit crusher from a cocktail set and it worked really well but if you have a food processor it’ll be much quicker. 

Add the butter into the crushed cookie and mix until you have a sandy consistency then take out 50g and put aside for later. 

Now, pour the larger amount of cookie mixture into a round tin and gently push it down so you have a flat and even base, then let this chill in the fridge for 2 hours. 

To make the filling start by whisking the whipping cream in a large bowl (an electric whisk is best) until it thickens and set this aside in the fridge whilst you make the rest of the filling. 

Now put your cream cheese, icing sugar, salt, and Biscoff spread into the large bowl (without the whipping cream) and whisk all this together until it’s fully combined. 

Get your cream out of the fridge and add this into the filling mixture, add it gently, and use a spatula rather than the electric whisk. Keep folding in until there are no white streaks and you have a smooth and silky texture. 

Now, take your biscuit base out of the fridge and pour the filling on top. Gently smooth the filling over so it reaches all sides and try and make it as even and smooth as possible on the top by smoothing it out with a spatula. Once it’s flat, put the cheesecake in the fridge for at least 6 hours but overnight will be better. The cheesecake filling will be soft but not gooey once it’s ready to decorate. 

Now we’re on to the best bit (and the bit that was hardest to get done because I just wanted to eat it!), take the cheesecake from the fridge and take it out of its tin. 

Spoon the remaining spread from the Biscoff jar into a bowl and melt it in the microwave until it’s liquid…you know what’s coming! 

Now gently pour this all over the cheesecake, I started by using a teaspoon to drip it over the edge and then just poured the rest into the middle and slowly spread it out until the top was completely covered.

Get your 50g of crushed biscoff biscuits and start sprinkling this all around the edge of the cheesecake. 

Now to finish off I just fanned out some whole Lotus Biscoff biscuits across the cheesecake and then sprinkled a little extra crushed biscuit to fill the gap in the middle!

And we’re done! Doesn’t it look incredible?!?! If I do say so myself, I think this is one of the best things I've ever made. It was so simple to make, so it's hard to go wrong, and apart from the waiting for the cheesecake to set, it didn't really take that long to put it all together. It’s easy to make it your own as well, you could take the biscuits off and just have crushed biscuit, you could add fruit to the top or whipped cream, it’s entirely up to you, any way you do it it’ll taste amazing. I know this is far from Veganuary with all that dairy BUT if you didn't know, Lotus Biscoff biscuits and spread are both fully vegan! So if you're looking for a treat that's still vegan...you know where to find it. If you need a little pick-me-up in these horrible times then try and find some time to make this gorgeous cheesecake, I guarantee everyone will want to be your best friend when you show this off! 

H x