January Monthly Favourites

It’s the start of February already, which means it's time for another monthly favourites! There isn’t too much to talk about this month as obviously I got all my exciting gifts for Christmas, but we did treat ourselves to a couple of new additions to the house!


The first thing I want to talk about is our new collection of houseplants! I’m a real sucker for flowers, plants, trees anything that grows and I have to care of, so when we were out at B&Q buying a new shelf to put together I realised we were obviously going to need some nice new plants to arrange on it! My boyfriend tried to reason with me and said to only get one…but we know that wasn’t going to happen. 
We ended up getting three plants (…4 if you count the fact that two of them came in a pot together). Our first plant was this beautiful spotty begonia!! 

When I saw her sat in a sad pile (and she was only £8) I knew she was coming home with us. I feel I also have to explain that alot of things in our house have human names…don’t ask me why, we just like to name things, it gives them a personality I guess. This one is creatively called Begonia and it's very easy to look after, it doesn’t need much watering and doesn’t like to be too close to direct sunlight in case it scorches the leaves. So if you want a smaller, easy to manage, and absolutely beautiful plant for a windowsill/ bedside table then I think a begonia is the way to go!

Our second plant/s were these two adorable cacti! Again, anyone that knows me knows I love cacti and have since I was about 14, so any time I see a cactus (especially when you get two for £2 like these two) I have to take them home. For all the Bottom fans out there, these two are called Richie and Eddy.

These are pretty small but growing every day, I only water them every 10 days, and even then they don’t seem that bothered so if you’re new to keeping plants then definitely go for a cactus, I’ve had one cactus for almost 7 years and it's growing taller and taller on minimal water, so they’re a great place to start your houseplant journey! 

So at this point, I thought we were done buying houseplants…but no. On the way to the till (that's always how they get you) they had a huge pallet of “proper” houseplants, and by that I mean big ones that will sit on the floor. I immediately swiped this beautiful cheese plant! 

These are the plants you dream of having to create that little jungle space in your home where these cheese plants can tower over everything and their huge leaves almost act as wallpaper giving so much colour and life to the room. I seriously love these and I've been on the hunt for one for years, this one was £10 and over 1ft tall when we bought it, much like the other two plants it needs minimal watering and likes a shady spot (like a corner of the room) where it can grow. Obviously with a name like a cheese plant you know it has to have some sort of cheesy name…meet Bishop Stortford, or Sir Bishop Stortford if you want to use his full name! 
I realise naming my plants makes me sound properly mental but I do get really attached to them and enjoy seeing them as members of our household that needs as much care as the rest of us.
I feel like owning and caring for plants has had such a huge positive impact on my mental wellbeing over the last few years, I know we could all do with a psychological pick-me-up at the moment so maybe it's time you got that big houseplant (or tiny cactus) you’ve always wanted! 

And finally, in addition to our new collection of houseplants on the DIY shelving unit, we also got a fish! 
Since we live in a rented apartment we aren’t allowed cats/dogs/ reptiles…basically anything that might ruin the carpet or walls, but we really wanted a pet, so once the shelf was up we got ourselves this adorable Black Moor Goldfish that we called Nero (it means black in Italian)! 

We wanted to get something more than just plants to care for so Nero felt like a natural progression. We went to our local pet shop and they actually had two Black Moors but one of them had an injury to its head so they weren’t allowed to sell that one to us (we’re hoping this month we can go back and that fish might be well enough to come home with us), so we just took Nero that day. We’ve been having so much fun watching him, considering I read that Black Moors can live for up to 20 years and get as big as 8 inches, I think Nero is only a baby! He’s very low maintenance, enjoys his little stone arch, and loves to swim against the current of the filter, he really does have his own personality, and since we’ve been trying to get him into a routine of feeding and sleeping, he’s starting to notice when it's feeding time. 
He’s got this great habit of just staring at you through the glass when it's right near feeding time (we've realised it's only at this time too so he’s genuinely staring at us waiting for food) and then he darts around as quickly as he can once you put his little fish flakes in.

I never really had fish as a kid, my dad used to keep huge carp in our pond but you couldn’t really see them like you can with Nero. I understand now why fish are such great pets for kids, aside from feeding and cleaning the tank there isn’t really a lot of responsibility and once you see how happy this fish is in their tank it's really lovely to see them every day. As I said, I’m worried about him getting lonely so this month we’re gonna try and find him a friend and get him some live aquatic plants to play with too! I can’t wait for him to grow over the years! 

There wasn’t too much to talk about this month but the two things I did talk about take up a lot of my life, so I thought it would be nice to share some more personal hobbies and interests of mine. 
I hope your February is positive and safe, we’ll find a way out of this mess eventually but for now, maybe some houseplants and a new pet fish or two would help you while away those hours at home.  

H x