Valentine's Jammy Heart Rolls

I thought I would keep Valentine’s Day alive for just one extra day so I can share this cute recipe with you! I got this jammy heart roll recipe from this month’s Tesco magazine and honestly, it's actually quite difficult to pull off! The dough process is simple and the ingredients are basic but I really struggled with making the dough into heart shapes and felt that most of them just didn't look right (and I picked up a slicing related injury in the process) but nevertheless, I persevered and we ended up with jammy buns that kind of resembled hearts! 

I’ll do my best to explain the shaping process and I’m sure a lot of you will do a lot better than I did, but trying and not fully succeeding is all part of getting better…and love is never perfect, right? 

Makes 12 Buns 

290ml Milk 
50g Unsalted Butter 
500g Strong White Bread Flour 
1 Lemon, zested and juiced 
7g Dry Active Yeast 
50g Caster Sugar 
1/2 tsp Salt
150g Jam 
1 Egg 
50g Icing Sugar (optional for topping) 

To start with, heat the milk in a saucepan on low heat for 3-4 minutes until steaming, but don’t let it boil! 

Add your butter to the milk and stir until it’s completely melted. Take the milk and butter off the heat and allow to cool. 

Now, mix flour, lemon zest, yeast, sugar, and salt in a large mixing bowl. 

Make a well in the middle of the flour and add the butter and milk mixture. 

Stir the mixture until it forms a loose and scraggy dough. This dough will be pretty sticky but to keep it as an enriched dough (which is soft and chewy) we don’t really want to add any more flour and dry it up, so when you tip the scraggy dough onto a counter, drizzle some oil on the dough and the counter to bring it together rather than using flour. 

Knead your dough for between 10-12 minutes until you have a smooth elastic ball, as I said before if it's a little sticky just add another tsp of oil on top to soften it, but the more you knead it, the less sticky it’ll become. 

Transfer your dough to a lightly oiled bowl, cover with a tea towel. 

Leave the bowl in a warm place for at least 50 minutes until the dough has doubled in size. 

Once your dough has risen, take it out of the bowl and put it on a lightly floured surface (it’s ok to use flour now, but only a little bit), then cut the dough in half. 

Roll out each half into an even 35x40 cm rectangle (if it’s not obvious by the picture, this is where my problem started, apparently, I am incapable of rolling out dough into a rectangular shape…but never mind.) 

Spread jam onto your rectangles, leaving a border of 3cm around the edge.

Now, roll both ends of one of the rectangles until they meet in the middle. I struggled with this too as I don’t think I rolled them tight enough, so make sure you keep your dough tightly rolled otherwise it’ll start falling apart and you won't end up with clean-looking heart shapes once you start cutting. 

Cut the dough into 6 equal slices, you’ll have to use a sharp knife for this and try and make them as even as possible. Once you’ve sliced it up, pinch each slice at the bottom to create a heart shape. Repeat this process with the other piece of dough and then transfer all the hearts onto a lightly oiled roasting tray. Leave a 5mm gap between each heart so they can rise more evenly and then place the tray somewhere warm for between 25-35 minutes until risen but not doubled in size. 

Preheat the oven to 200 C/ 180 Fan/ Gas Mark 6. After the hearts have rested and risen you might want to pinch the bottom of the hearts again to strengthen the shape, beat your egg and brush it over the top and sides of the dough to make for a better colour when they bake. 

Place the tray in the oven for around 25-25 minutes until the hearts are a golden colour and the jam is bubbling. If they start to brown too quickly just put some foil over the top for the last 10 mins to stop them from burning. Once baked, leave them to cool for 5 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely. 

And that is it!! I hope yours look slightly better than mine, I know mine don’t look the worst but I had really hoped they would look slightly more heart-shaped than they did but that’s ok. If you want to make a little topping for them, just mix icing sugar, lemon juice, and 1 tbsp water to make a basic icing and drizzle that over the top of the hearts before serving. 
I didn't make the icing but kind of wish I did, the buns tasted good but it was literally just bread and jam which seems a little disappointing to go to all that effort just to make some bread with jam in it so maybe next time I would make them as more of a cinnamon roll with cinnamon and jam or whole fruits inside and then make a sticky, sweet cinnamon icing to pour over the top. 
Whichever way you decide to make these, I hope they taste amazing and if you share them with the ones you love, I hope they love them too!! I’m planning on making these again around Halloween because I reckon you could make these look like creepy faces! 
I hope you had as good a Valentine's Day as you could and now we look forward to slightly warmer weather and Easter!! 

H x