Halloumi & Mint Brunch Bagels

I’m getting my practice in to open an over-priced sandwich shop where I exclusively just serve this bagel. Not really, but I did feel like this bagel from a MOB Kitchen recipe could easily fetch £6-£8 a bagel in a sandwich shop in central London. This recipe takes about as long as it takes you to pan fry some Halloumi…some probably about 7 mins. It’s the perfect pick-me-up lunch and it looks far fancier than it really is.  

Serves 2 

2 Bagels 
2 tbsp Lemon Juice 
150g Halloumi 
2 tbsp Yoghurt (I used creme fraiche and it worked fine) 
A couple of sprigs of Mint 
Rocket/ Arugula 
4 tbsp Sun-dried tomato pesto 

To start, slice your Halloumi, I estimated about 3 slices on each bagel so you’ll probably have a bit leftover…perfect to make this all over again tomorrow! Fry the Halloumi on medium heat with a drizzle of oil and salt and pepper until it's beautifully golden on both sides. 

Whilst the Halloumi is cooking let's make the mint dressing. Add finely chopped mint leaves, lemon juice, yoghurt, and salt and pepper into a small bowl and mix well until fully combined, it should be a thick sauce/tzatziki consistency. You can toast your bagels at this point too if you want. 

Now to assemble! Get the bottom of your toasted bagel, put a generous tbsp of tomato pesto on the bagel, and spread it evenly before adding a good dollop of the mint and yoghurt sauce on top. 

Add a handful of rocket to the bagel and layer your crispy Halloumi on top, I added a final dollop of the yoghurt sauce on the very top before topping with my bagel. Now repeat for your second bagel and get ready to tuck into the most luxurious homemade lunch you’ll ever eat! 

Well, what do you think? Good, right? I love the Veggie MOB Kitchen cookbook, the recipes are so simple and wholesome and written in such a relaxed way that you could add as much or as little as you wanted to this, I actually made up the sauce measurements because it didn't even specify how much you’d need! I know this bagel will be something I'm making on a weekly basis, these take less than 10 minutes to make so they also might be good for those cheeky midnight snacks we all crave sometimes, I just think this recipe is a great thing to treat yourself too, although we might not all always hold Halloumi, rocket and sun-dried tomato pesto in our kitchens, I think I’ll start to from now on! 

H x