Book Review #21 Bad Girls Throughout History- Ann Shen

This is such a fun one for everyone! Bad Girls Throughout History is (in my opinion) the PERFECT book to be showing toddlers and young children of any gender just how influential women have been throughout all periods of history, but also how they’ve been overshadowed by men throughout these time periods. Shen does an outstanding job of bringing these brilliant women to the forefront and although this isn’t an exhaustive list of every brilliant woman that's ever lived (how would we fit them all in one single book?!) I think this goes a long way to exploring how many different women from many different cultures have massively shaped the world we live in today. 

The book starts with a biblical character (although she’s never actually mentioned in The Bible); Lilith. I won't tell each individual story as I want you to experience each one for yourself but it starts with Lilith and ends with the always inspirational Malala Yousafzai. It’s not just the subject of this book I love, it's the way it’s told too. Shen has made the layout of the book so interesting but concise that anyone would enjoy diving through this, each page has one drawing of each woman (drawn by Shen, she isn’t just a talented author!) and then a small write up on the other page usually describing when/where the figure was born, what makes them brilliant and how this brilliance has shaped our modern world. There are all sorts of subjects within this book it isn’t just telling the stories of inspirational activists that we may already know about, it tells the stories of actresses, musicians, and artists of all mediums who have been discriminated against for their gender or their culture and how they stormed through these industries making sure no one dared question them or their descendants again. 
I found this book hugely inspiring, as someone who loves to see and hear of women breaking through barriers of all kinds it’s really emotional to have quite a large book so masterfully dedicated to icons like these women. Reading the true stories of not just their struggles to get to their endpoint but then how many people around them seemed so shocked that woman would want to break free of a confine or stereotype that may have suppressed them for generations. These are the first women who began a journey in making us more respected and accepted in a male-oriented world and I feel because of authors like Shen, this book will inspire generations of powerful and iconic women to come! 

I've found this book in a used condition online for £3.20! Get it, enjoy it, and tell everyone you know about these incredible women and their stories! 

H x