Chocolate Strawberry "Carrots"

Happy Good Friday, Easter is nearly here but unfortunately, that means this is the second to last Easter post for this year! I’ve had so much fun testing myself and trying out fun and challenging recipes so for this one I’ve gone much simpler but just as cute. These fresh strawberries are coated in thick peachy-white chocolate and then piped with caramel writing icing…yes, it tastes as insanely sweet as it sounds! 
You only need 5 ingredients to do this and it’ll take all of 15 mins to do (minus the time we have to let the strawberries chill in the fridge), I’ve made a short video to show you the general idea of making them but I’ll leave a full ingredient list and method underneath! 

Makes 10-12 Strawberries 

200g White Chocolate
10-12 medium/large Strawberries, leave the tops on
Yellow Food Colouring Gel
Red Food Colouring Gel 
Brown/ Beige Writing Icing 


This barely needs a method as it’s so simple but have one anyway! 
The first thing we want to do is melt our chocolate until we have a smooth and silky glaze. The best way to do this is in a Bain-Marie, essentially bring a small saucepan of water to the boil and place a heatproof bowl/jug into the saucepan (but make sure it's big enough that it won't fall into the water) then let the chocolate melt on a very low heat until it’s smooth. 

Take your chocolate off the heat and begin to put small drops of yellow and red food colouring into the chocolate until you get the orange carrot colour you’re looking for, if your chocolate starts to look a bit like play-dough, you can turn the heat on VERY low again to loosen it up or turn the heat on and add a tsp of butter/oil to break it down a bit, but don’t use too much as this will take longer to chill and firm up in the fridge. 

Once you have your desired colour, carefully dip the strawberries into the melted chocolate, coating both sides all the way up to the leaves before setting them down on a non-stick tray/sheet and let these chill in the fridge for between 40-60 mins until the chocolate is no longer tacky/sticky. 

When the strawberries have firmed up, take them out of the fridge and begin to pipe your details on top. I used a caramel writing icing that was a similar colour to my chocolate just so it looked like the natural lines and ridges on a carrot. You could crush up some Oreos or dark chocolate biscuits and stick these to the bottom to look like soil too if you really wanted, but either way, just jazz them up a bit!

I think these look super cute! I know they aren’t quite the clean-cut, crisp chocolate coated strawberries I’d imagined but I think they’re still pretty good, they taste ridiculous too! I think these are a really fun and festive Easter dessert/snack to make this weekend, they take no time at all, use minimal ingredients and it would be so much fun to get the kids involved rolling strawberries in chocolate and piping details and decorations on them. If you’re looking for a tasty but low maintenance Easter recipe, I've got you covered! 

Happy Easter! 

H x