Homemade Butter!

It’s always fun to learn how to make something that is both simple and a staple to our everyday lives, usually we think of bread but today we’re making butter! I know, it sounds like a longwinded and complicated process but all you need is two ingredients, a stand mixer/ blender/ food processor or jar (if you’re feeling brave), and only 30 mins! I know this first attempt isn’t perfect but it’s definitely come together like butter and I've been using it on toast and not really noticed any difference apart from the fact it tastes a bit fresher because of the cream, I’ve made a small video to watch the process, but it's so simple that I don't think you need much more than this video but I’ll leave the ingredients and full written recipe below! 

Makes 400-500g Butter 

700ml Double/ Heavy Cream 
200ml Ice Water 


  1. Pour all your cream into the mixer and set it to a low/medium speed until your cream whips up into thick and stiff whipped cream. 
  2. Once it's whipped, keep whisking for another 3-5 mins until your cream has a “curd” look and you can pick it up in bits. 
  3. Now, you should be able to tip it into a sieve as large solid-ish blobs, run your ice water a few tbsp at a time through the cream to solidify it further until the water is less cloudy, and the cream looks like soft butter. 
  4. Keep running the water through the butter until the water runs clear out the sieve and you end up with a big dough-like mass.
  5. Tip this mass into a clean and dry tea towel then twist and wring out the tea towel, squeezing out the last of the water from your butter. If you want to keep the water you can, this is buttermilk and can be used in lots of dishes! Now you’ll have solid lumps of butter that can be pushed into a butter shape for ease of use or just pressed into a box and kept in the fridge for up to 5 days! 

Isn’t it amazing how simple this is?! I thought butter involved a lot more than just cream and water but I guess people have been making butter in different forms for thousands of years so it's hardly surprising that it’s easy to make such a staple ingredient. I’m gonna keep working on the consistency to get it a bit smoother and hopefully start making new flavours like simple salted butter or even tasty garlic and herb to use with a meat-free steak! This is a great recipe for people looking to be more self-sustainable, or just trying something a bit different to a usual bake. This butter should last 5-7 days in the fridge before it goes bad, if you’re using it with toast each morning or for baking, I don’t think it’ll last that long! 
I’m on a bit of a journey now to learn how to make all the things I enjoy using on a daily basis, just like this butter and the peanut butter, Nutella and vanilla extract I've also made over the last year, it gives me a greater understanding of where my food comes from, the process of making it and most importantly, what goes into my food. 
If you want a bit of a different recipe then maybe making butter will become a new regular thing for you and you’ll never need to buy butter again! 

Good Luck!

H x