March Monthly Favourites

We’re almost 4 months into 2021 already! I’ve gotta say, although time is passing so fast, I'm really enjoying finally waking up to some buds on the trees and warmer weather. This month’s favourites is a purely pampering one, I've got a good mix of skincare and shower products to keep our physical selves clean and nourished as the weather gets warmer and drier. 

REN Skincare: Clarimatte Invisible Pores Detox Mask 

I got a set of REN Skincare travel/tester size bits as a gift at Christmas and finally decided to try using the clay detox mask. I’ve been trying to get into a more rigorous skincare routine, specifically once a week where I'll use a mask, cleanser, and moisturiser just to give my skin a bit of a boost after a long week! 
I started using this mask and even though it only lasted about 4 uses (which is still a month’s worth for me) because it was only the travel size, I absolutely fell in love with it! I do enjoy masks but I find a lot of the moisture is undone as soon as it becomes impossible to wash it off and I end up scrubbing my skin and making it red and blotchy after it was just treated so nicely, but this mask is the opposite! I applied a generous amount all over my face and let it sit for 20 mins, it is very thick and goes quite crusty and stiff after a few minutes (so you are gonna have to sit still and quiet) but it's RIDICULOUSLY easy to wipe off, I used a normal face flannel and it just wipes off without any need to press hard/scrub your skin. I found as soon as my skin was clean and dry it was silky smooth! I was getting my boyfriend to stroke my face every time because we just couldn’t believe how plump and smooth my skin felt after only 20 mins a week with this mask! 

As always the skincare I use is cruelty-free and 100% vegan and REN Skincare is no different, the company is not only based in the UK (reducing that carbon footprint) but it actually focuses on using simple natural ingredients that have fast and direct positive differences to your skin. This particular mask uses Kaolin Clay, Spirulina Extract, and Lavender Oil, I think this could work well for a variety of complexions but I’ll leave a picture of the ingredients in case there’s anything that might upset your skin. 

I would buy this product again and pay full price (£30) for a full-size bottle as it’s such a lovely treat for you and your skin. 

Lush “Sleepy” Soap Bar 

Moving on to some extra special soap for the shower/bath. My boyfriend's mum gave me a Lush voucher for Christmas and with it, I was able to buy a little 3-piece gift set…I think the entire gift set was called “Sleepy” but I'm not sure, all of the products in it were Lavender based and this is the first one I've got round to using! 
I’ve been a huge fan-girl of Lush for a few years now so I couldn’t wait to see what I could buy with this gift card and what better to buy than an entire gift set?! The soap itself smells incredible, it does have a strong Lavender smell but mixed with a sweet freshness where it isn’t overpowering, the smell also stays on your skin for a little while too so if, like me, you take showers in the evening you have a nice relaxing lavender scent around you as you fall asleep. 

I looked all this info up on the Lush website for the next part, so if you need any more info you know where to go. The soap bar is the equivalent of a 500ml bottle of body wash but obviously without the wasteful plastic packaging, as usual, this product is cruelty-free and vegan, as well as the formula of the soap itself being Palm Oil free! There are only a few ingredients used to manufacture the soap which includes, Lavender Oil, Oat Milk, and Tonka Beans, these ingredients form not only a beautiful scent but a calming and nourishing soap for your skin too. 
I couldn't actually find this product or the gift set on the UK Lush website but I did find it on the US one, the UK website has a newer similar Bubble Bar (these products are a zero-waste version of bubble bath) still lavender scented and still in this cloud shape but it now has a cool multi-colour tie-dye look to it…maybe I’ll have to try that one too! 
This “Sleepy” soap is cleaning yet gentle and I think because of its lack of chemicals it would be good for almost any skin type, I would assume including younger children (but, I'm no skin expert so PLEASE always check!) who want something a bit more fun and colourful during bath time! 

Body Shop Coconut Hand Cream 

Something that’s a little new to me is hand cream. I know, sounds weird but up until last winter I never really needed (or noticed that I needed) hand cream until my hands got so red and sore, my boyfriend especially gets dry and cracked hands so we both started looking into hand creams and he received about 4 different types for Christmas! 
I have been shopping at The Body Shop for at least a decade now and every single Christmas I get some kind of Body Shop gift set that always includes this hand cream, so I thought it was about time to use it. 
The first thing I noticed (after the beautiful fresh coconut scent) was how non-greasy this hand cream is, it dries super fast and doesn’t leave an oily residue on your skin, it’s so quick to dry that I’ve actually started using it on my feet as well as after a couple of minutes you’re free to walk around again without picking up all the carpet fluff on your feet. Not only does this hydrate and revitalise your hands, but it’s also worked wonders on the sides of my feet and my heels, if any of you suffer from cracked heels which I know is a pretty common problem, this might go some way to help! 

They offer different sizes but I’ve got their mini “handbag-sized” tube which is 30ml and it’s lasting me weeks, after about 5 weeks I'm only just finishing it off now and that's because I started using more to help my feet, otherwise, it probably would have lasted another month at least! You only need about a pea-sized amount to coat both hands. 
The Body Shop is yet another company that makes sure each product is veggie/vegan and is always cruelty-free. The coconuts used in the hand cream also come from Community Fair Trade coconut oil from Polynesia as well as a good helping of Community Fair Trade Shea Butter from Ghana so you know this product is not only doing good for you and your skin, but you’re helping to protect families and their livelihoods in other parts of the world! I’ll leave the picture of ingredients here just in case there are any extras you didn't know about. 

Pretty amazing hand cream yeah? This little 30 ml bottle is only £5, so to me, that is very affordable for at least a month's worth of hand cream. I’m sure this product isn’t news to anyone but if you are on the lookout for a low-maintenance but highly nourishing hand cream that’s good for everyday use, maybe take a walk to The Body Shop. 

I hope I've inspired you to treat yourself to a little pampering session with one or some of these products! I think my personal favourite has to be the detox mask, I just could not believe the improvement it made to my skin from the very first application! 

Stay safe, 

H x