Sweet & Savoury Wrap Hack

If you own a phone and sat at home in 2020 then you'll have probably downloaded TikTok at some point, and if you downloaded TikTok then you must have seen the "wrap hack" craze circling its way through the app. I'd been watching so many videos on different wrap hacks and what fillings people had been using and decided it was time to try it myself!
In the interest of fairness, I've made one savoury wrap and one sweet wrap so we can judge which is best and as usual, I made little videos of the process but I'll leave the ingredients and a short method down below. 

Halloumi and Salad Wrap 

Serves 2 

150g Halloumi, sliced and fried until crisp 
2 Wraps (I used wholemeal) 
Fresh Salad Leaves 
Hot Sauce (optional) 


1. Start by making a small cut a quarter of the way up your wrap from the outside, this gives you the flexibility to fold the wrap into quarters.
2. Fry your halloumi with salt and pepper in a frying pan on medium heat with a tsp of oil, they need about 2-3 mins on each side until the halloumi changes from white to a crisp golden colour. 
3. Imagine your wrap is in quarters, on the first quarter place a couple of slices of halloumi, on the second place a handful of salad, on the third place another couple of slices of halloumi, and on the final quarter place another handful of salad. 
4. Now put a good helping of mayo and hot sauce (or any dressing you want) across all quarters. 
5. From the bottom left quarter, fold the wrap over so the halloumi sits on top of the lettuce, fold this quarter over to the right so the bottom side of the wrap sits on top of the next quarter of halloumi, and finally fold this quarter over the top of your bottom right quarter of salad so you have a thick, layered wrap. 
6. Using a dry frying pan or grill, gently press the wraps and let them grill for a couple of minutes before turning over and grilling the other side, your wrap should feel crunchy after grilling. 
7. Plate up and serve with some fresh chips or salad! 

I don't think I even need to explain how quick and easy these wraps are! Not only are they absolutely delicious, they only take about 10 mins to put together which makes them perfect for a healthy, filling, and lazy lunch! I will definitely be making these more often, especially when I can't be bothered to make a lunch at all, but you could sub the halloumi out for some vegan chicken/lamb and make yourself some simple gyros whenever you want them. I think this simple recipe is perfect for everyone as you have the freedom to add whatever you want to these wraps and you pretty much can't go wrong, I cannot wait to make loads of these and get them out for a summery lunch with family and friends! 

Banana, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Spread Wrap

Serves 2 

2 Wraps 
2 Bananas 
4 tbsp Peanut Butter 
4 tbsp Chocolate Spread 


1. This one is even simpler than the savoury one as you don't need to pre-cook anything! Start the same as before by making a small cut a quarter of the way into your wrap from the outer edge. 
2. On the first quarter layer a few slices of banana, for the second quarter add a couple of tbsp of peanut butter (if you want to have a go at making your own peanut butter you can use this recipe from the blog, on the third quarter add a few more slices of banana and finally, on the last quarter spread a couple of tbsp of chocolate spread (again, I used a homemade chocolate spread which tastes incredible, you can find that recipe here).
3. Fold the wrap up like before by folding the first quarter on top of the second, taking this, and folding to the right over the third quarter before finally folding this on top of the last quarter. 
4. Dry fry or grill the wraps for a couple of minutes on each side then serve with ice cream, whipped cream or chocolate sauce! 

I have to say, I definitely enjoyed the savoury one better than the sweet, I think if I had used whipped cream or added in some strawberries it may have been better but I found the sweet wrap a little bit dry compared to the savoury...maybe I just need more chocolate spread! I really love both of these ideas and they're so quick and simple to make you could knock them up whenever you felt like it without much thought. 
These recipes are a really fun idea to invite loved ones over and have a little wrap-making party (maybe heating them on the barbecue!), trying out different combinations and flavours together alongside some great drinks sounds like fun to me! 
I hope we're all feeling a little more positive and hopeful with the news of restrictions slowly easing, hopefully by summer we can have those garden parties we've all been dreaming of, full of freshly made wraps! 

H x