April Monthly Favourites

This year is flying by! I can't deny that I'm happy it's already May, not because I want the year to be over but I enjoy this time of year as it starts to get warmer and we can spend more time outside in the sunshine! 
April's monthly favorites are a little different, I have two workout/fitness apps to talk about and then a usual body wash, I'm really excited for you to hear about my new healthy hobbies! 


I'm sure most of us have put on some extra weight during the lockdowns, it's nothing to be ashamed of and a small price to pay for keeping ourselves and our loved ones healthy. I've never been a fitness fanatic but I do enjoy walking and swimming, but I knew I needed to make more of an effort once my jeans got too tight!! 
I decided to start off slow at the start of April and download this free app called "Yoga", it does what it says on the tin and gives you loads of yoga sessions ranging from beginner (me), intermediate to advanced. 

This is my personal page and you can see it shows how many workouts I've done, how many minutes of yoga I've done as well as how many calories, you can also put in your height and weight and track it through the app as well as making custom workouts with your favorite yoga poses; I feel it's important to say that I went through a stage in my mid-teens of rigorously counting calories to the point where I was consuming only a few hundred a day in the hopes that that would help me to lose weight, all it really did was ruin my mental relationship with food for a couple of years, so I don't focus on the calorie bit but if you are safely and responsibly watching your calories and just want to know where you're at then I guess that would be pretty helpful. 
The main thing I've enjoyed about the app is finding my routine with it, I enjoy coming home from work and doing a small 10-minute session, it just relaxes my body and mind at the end of the day and I am seeing improvements in my flexibility and posture! 
If you're like me and haven't done any exercise in a while or are looking to add a bit of exercise/movement into your day then I highly suggest some light yoga, it's really helped to focus my mind whilst doing the workouts, so my mind isn't racing 1000 MPH, even if it's just for a short amount of time. 


I downloaded this free app right at the end of last month and I've actually only used it once so far (one beginner workout really did me in for about 4 days!) but I'm loving this paired with my yoga app. FitOn is basically like the yoga app but for more of a traditional workout, they have videos tailored to certain muscle groups as well as beginner, intermediate and advanced and videos based on workout intensity and length of session. 
I started with a "Beginner Full Body" that was (apparently) low intensity and only takes 10 mins. I was WORN OUT after this but I really enjoyed it, it actually wasn't that difficult of a workout and focused on two different routines that you repeated for 5 mins each, it did target the majority of my body and I found I worked my legs the most with this one, the main reason it took me days to recover was that I hadn't done any real exercise in about 18 months so my body was surprised, to say the least! 

This is my personal tracker on the app, obviously, I had to block out some personal info but you get the idea, it shows how many workouts you've done as well as how many calories you've burnt, I also really like the little rewards underneath that you get for completing certain things in the app, it really keeps you going to see what other things you can achieve. I'm going to keep using the same workout for about a month or until I find it less challenging and then I'll move on to something new! 

These workout apps are really good for anybody looking to get a bit more exercise in their day, I don't do loads I probably do 10 mins of yoga a day and then a 10 min workout 2-3 times a week followed by some more yoga to warm down, I'm hoping I'll see some real positive changes as the months go by and I change my workouts more often, but for now, I'm just really happy to have found time every day to be more active in a way that I enjoy. 

Lush "Honey I Washed The Kids" Shower Gel  

I couldn't just end on those workout apps, I had to include some toiletries in there somewhere! I first came across this Lush product about 2 years ago as a shampoo bar called "Honey I Washed My Hair" and I think it's my favorite shampoo I've ever found, so when I saw the scent as a shower gel, I knew it was coming home with me. 

The scent of this shower gel is just incredible. It's got a real sweetness from the honey that just makes the product really cosy to use in the evenings. I find the consistency ok, it isn't thick and goopy but it's not too runny. I don't think it's the most moisturising shower gel I've ever had but it definitely does soften and protect, but overall it's just a fun scent to use in the shower! As usual, this Lush product is cruelty-free, vegetarian, and self-preserving so you don't have to rush to it straight away! It's full of natural ingredients like honey, lotus flower, tiger lily, Brazilian orange, and bergamot, so I'm sure you can imagine the sweet, floral scent you get from this. 
I'll leave a picture of the ingredients so you can see what's actually in it, just to make sure there's nothing that gonna affect your skin. 

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and I would certainly buy it as a lovely gift to someone who enjoys a little pampering in the shower/bath. Pair this with the shampoo bar and you're on to a great night of body care! I only had a tiny bottle as it came in a gift pack, I can't remember what I paid but you can buy a 100g bottle on the website for £6, I know it's a bit expensive for a shower gel but it's a really lovely product and we all deserve to treat ourselves every now and then! 

I hope you enjoyed April's monthly favorites and I'll see you throughout the rest of the month with no doubt more food, books, and days out! 

H x