Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve

I haven’t been able to go to many places recently as I started doing more hours back at work and it's been hard to find matching days off with my partner but we had one day off together for our anniversary in March and decided to go to Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve! 
We always enjoy a good walking trail around a nature reserve, lake or forest so as the weather warms up I hope I’ll have loads more to show you but this one was especially beautiful. 
We started off coming down this little dirt road to find the car park (only a couple of pounds to park for 2 hours!), right next to the car park was a paddock with some really cute horses, although we obviously shouldn’t feed them (I know we all used to give carrots and apples to horses but if we know they’re on private land and being looked after then just some pets and love will do) we did give them lots of strokes and they were really friendly. You can have this picture of me trying my best not to be scared of this huge horse even though it was being really gentle! 

We found the walking trail and it started to lead you around the lake that sits in the middle of the reserve, we didn't choose the best day to go out as it had rained the night before and most of the trail through the woods was a mudslide but we managed to get through it and came out onto this incredible lake, there were so many different birds and fish to look at and they also offer fishing if you have a permit. 

Carrying on the trail, it took us into the woods and over this awesome wooden bridge. We stopped and took a few pictures, I took my polaroid camera with us as I like to record as much as possible on special days like this one. Underneath the bridge was a pretty fast flowing river so of course, we couldn’t not play pooh sticks… a bit unfair that my stick got caught on a rock but, never mind. 

After about 30 mins of walking the trail we found ourselves back near the car park, but this time we had come across the visitors centre (unfortunately closed but it should be open now) as well as their bird hide to watch all the birds on the lake and my favourite part of the entire reserve, the community gardens! 
They had three different gardens; one bug garden with lots of different bug hides for bees, spiders, bats and anything else that wanted a home there, one seasonal garden with lots of herbs and edible flowers, as well as other flowers and plants laid out to show what plants grow at different times of the year and then a nature garden with a little willow tunnel for kids, a picnic area overlooking the lake and a play area, they also had a small, shallow pond that children could search for bugs and creepy crawlies in too! 

Here are some of the bug hides, I love the solitary bee one it’s lovely to see bees being protected!

Overall, we had a really lovely day at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve and we’ll definitely come back as the weather starts to warm up, hopefully, visit the visitors centre and sit in the bird hide and see what we can spot! If you live near to the area it's completely free you just pay for parking and I think it’s a great place to bring the family for a lazy afternoon outside. 

H x