May Monthly Favourites

I can’t believe it’s already June, we’re halfway through the year and I hope the year is treating you as well as it can at the moment. I’ve got a few interesting things to write about this month that are very different from the usual toiletries and hair products so I hope you enjoy this little update on my life! 


This is one I’m very excited to share, on the 5th May we decided to have a day out to The White Cliffs of Dover, I had no idea how special this day was going to be, just that myself and my partner hadn’t been on a day out together in a while so we were really looking forward to it. We went on the long trek from one end of the cliffs to the other and got to the lighthouse, unfortunately, the lighthouse was closed (little did I know my partner had planned to propose to me there), so we started walking back and stopped on a bench overlooking the sea just for a rest and that was the moment he decided to ask me to marry him. 

Of course, I said yes and it’s one of the most beautiful rings I've ever seen, we had spoken about antique rings and vintage rings to save on the carbon footprint of having a brand new ring made, but in the end, he got this brand new ring that has a classic vintage look (apart from the fact that it's stupidly shiny!). I’m absolutely in love with the ring and blown away that after 5 years together that day finally came and in such a beautiful setting too. 
I’m gonna make a separate post about The White Cliffs if you’re interested in going there yourself and if you’re interested to know, I think I'm going to start keeping a “wedding diary” on here too so that you can see the process if, like me, you’ve never had a wedding or never been part of wedding planning before. We haven’t scheduled our special day until 2023 so there’s plenty of time to get things just right and I really hope you’ll enjoy reading about the whole process and it might just give me a place to dump ideas when it all gets a bit stressful too!! 


OK, this is a little weird one because at the age of 23 I'm pretty sure most people have a taste for wine (…even if it’s only cheap wine) but ever since I started trying different alcohols I’ve always DESPISED wine, it’s just always tasted like nail polish remover to me but that may have changed when I tried a Sauvignon Blanc a couple of weeks ago. 
We got this New Zealand wine from our landlord as a gift so I thought I'd try it and absolutely fell in love with it! 

Picture from Waitrose

I saw this particular brand in the supermarket for about £7 so it’s really inexpensive too! I think it's a sweet wine that doesn’t have a bitter or dry taste, a lot of Sauvignon Blancs have a citrus/grapefruit flavour and although grapefruit isn’t my favourite flavour, it’s definitely a pleasant fruity change from the bitter taste I've had in the past. 
This still does feel a bit weird to be talking about because we all know about wine and I’m sure a lot of you really enjoy sampling different wines but I've always avoided them so this is all very new to me! 
I recently tried a Chardonnay but that was very very dry tasting to me and way too bitter for what I like so I think I’m gonna give those a miss for now and keep to my Sauvignon Blanc. 

LUSH Charity Coins 

Now back to our regularly scheduled favourites. The last time I featured a LUSH product on a favourites I had a look on their website for the ingredients of that product and was distracted by a new product altogether! LUSH have created these “charity coins”, a hand and body lotion that’s completely vegan and cruelty-free, the coins are made from Cocoa Butter from Sierra Leone, Moringa Oil, Aloe Vera and Fair-trade Shea Butter, this mix created one intensely nourishing little coin. 

So you can see that the coins are very small, they’re probably about the size of a 50p and about half an inch thick, they’re called charity coins as 100% of each sale goes to small, grassroots humanitarian, environmental and animal-based charities. I bought the leaf one and the paw print one to support the environmental and animal causes, they were only £1 each and come in fully recyclable cardboard packaging with compostable packaging peanuts, so nothing goes to waste. They have no discernible smell just a lotion/buttery scent but they’re very very nourishing. I used them in the shower alongside my normal body wash just to test them out and to me, they were too oily and left my arms feeling a little greasy but I think if you get intense dry patches of skin then these little things will do wonders. 
As always, go and have a look on the website at the ingredients just to check nothing will do any harm to your skin but I think these natural, moisturising products will not only make your skin feel good but it’ll make you feel amazing as you get to support some deserving charities at the same time! 

Body Shop Festive Berry Body Wash

I can’t lie to you, this body wash has been hanging around the house since I got it as a gift at Christmas but I finally got round to using it and I’m so glad I did! This festive berry wash from the Bodyshop is an exclusive Christmas product, I don’t know if they’ll bring it back for this year but I really hope they do, even before I used it I just couldn't get over the smell, when they say berry they weren’t kidding, this stuff smells like freshly made jam and has a thick almost gel consistency to it but it lathers up so well in the shower so you only need an amount the size of a couple of 50p’s for a full body wash, this will definitely last you almost the entire month of December! 

I couldn’t see the product on the Body shop website anymore but they do still have the body scrub (which I’ve also used and was obsessed with) and they also have a body mist in the same scent still available but as I say, I’m hoping they’re going to re-introduce it back towards Christmas time. I’ve taken a kind of rough picture of the ingredients on the back so you can get a general idea but always be aware if you have sensitive skin. This product is vegan, cruelty free and comes in a fully recyclable bottle so you can dispose of it responsibly.

I’m a real sucker for seasonal products like special halloween or Christmas themed things but this body wash is just a fantastic product in general, it lasts a long time, smells amazing, is light on the skin but moisturising at the same time, and just leaves you feeling all warm and cosy after the shower. If I see it on the shelves this year I’ll definitely snap it up again, alongside the sugar festive berry body scrub…don’t take it all before I get there!!! 

And that was May. I thought I’d also put in a little snippet towards the end if I’ve watched anything good on tv, I don't get a lot of time to watch tv so I tend to watch everything in little snippets for 10-20 mins at a time, I just finished Disenchantment on Netflix which is an animated comedy created by Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons), it follows a medieval town called Dreamland as the Princess “Bean” and her father King Zog fight to keep the kingdom going against all kinds of wacky and strange enemies with a little help from some very interesting sidekicks. I also subscribed to Discovery+ about a week ago literally just to watch every episode of Ghost Adventures, I’ve seen so many episodes over the years and I love it, it’s so fun to binge it all at once. But I’ve had a lot of lovely and very exciting changes to my life this month, I can’t wait to see how the rest of the year goes as we move forward with our plans for the wedding…and maybe I’ll sample some new wines when it all gets a bit much but regardless, I’m excited to see what June brings, and I hope it’s only positives for all of us as we go forward!  

H x