June Monthly Favourites

Back again for another monthly favourite, and this time we’re halfway through the year! I haven’t got too much to talk about this month as I’ve been working and waiting on this Cornwall holiday (currently where I’m typing from), but I have a couple of things you might like to know about. 

Baylis & Harding Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream

This was actually a gift I got for Christmas from a friend because I usually don’t buy Baylis & Harding stuff as I was sure they test on animals but since I did some research I found that they are cruelty-free! This is great for me because I really like Baylis & Harding products but obviously, I wasn’t willing to buy from them if they were testing on animals, so you may see a few more Baylis & Harding products pop up over future monthly favourites! 
Anyway, back to the hand cream. As I thought Baylis & Harding tested on animals I was a bit unsure of how good this hand cream would actually be but my worries were pointless as this hand cream was brilliant! It had a lovely fizzy grapefruit smell (if you know what I mean by a fizzy smell haha!), I don’t usually like the grapefruit scented stuff but this was sweeter. The hand cream itself was so nourishing and I was using it on both my hands and feet and it worked perfectly to tackle the dry skin on the backs of my heels and down the sides of my feet. Its nourishment is really long-lasting too, I usually put this hand cream on at night and even though it drys in less than a minute I could still feel how soft my hands were when I woke up the next morning! Even my partner who doesn’t like “smelly” products was using this a couple of times a week as it is so intensely nourishing. I don’t know if I recommend it to someone with chronically dry skin as there are much better products that will actually give your skin the nourishment it really needs but if you’re looking for a cute and fun hand cream that you can use on a daily basis just to keep up with moisturising then I think this is a good choice.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the ingredients and they weren’t on the back of the bottle (very odd) and as they don’t seem to sell this hand cream anymore I couldn’t find it online to tell you the main ingredients. I think this came in a little Christmas gift box so the ingredients may have been on the outside of one of those, and if you really are interested in buying this hand cream…you may have to wait until Christmas to see if they’ll put it out again. Sorry. 
This product is from their Fuzzy Duck range and although they don’t do this exact hand cream anymore, they now do Fuzzy Duck “cocktails” in hand cream and hand wash that is “Pink Gin Fizz”, “Lemon and Ginger” and “Gin and Tonic”…now I don’t particularly want to wash my hands in something that's gonna leave them smelling of gin but that's up to you! 
Baylis & Harding seem to have completely changed their ethos for the better recently, with a huge focus on recyclable packaging and more eco-friendly ingredients in their products. I’m very excited to welcome Baylis & Harding back into my life and can’t wait to find some products to try and tell you all about! 

Studio Gusto, Bromley 

As we decided to get engaged during higher level COVID restrictions, we were never able to properly celebrate this big moment at the time, but we booked ourselves into a beautiful Italian restaurant on Bromley High Street called Studio Gusto. Ever since we moved nearby we’ve been waiting to eat in here and jumped at the chance when we finally could! 
I didn't get many pictures as I am still a little embarrassed about taking pictures of food and buildings just for the blog, but I got a couple of pictures of our meals so that's the important thing. Obviously, I’ll show you the veggie stuff I got but my partner wanted to be part of it too so I’ll include his meal here too...I guess. 

So for our starters, I had a basket of homemade rosemary focaccia with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar, my partner had Polpette al Sugo which is homemade meatballs in a rich tomato sauce. 
I know a basket of bread seems like a pretty boring thing to have as a starter but we both tucked in once it arrived, the bread was so moreish!! And with a splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, it was such a lovely thing to have before a meal, I was a bit surprised it was for one person as there was definitely enough for two and it was only £6 but we shared anyway and I’m glad we did. 

Here's my partners' meatball starter, he really enjoyed it and said the sauce was really fresh and rich. The meat was very tender and tasty and well, he wolfed it down in no time at all so he must have enjoyed it. His was £7 but you get 3 good sized meatballs for a healthy-sized starter. 

For my main meal, I had Risotto ai Funghi which is mushroom risotto. This rich and creamy pasta dish was just what I was hoping for from this authentic menu. I am a huge lover of risotto and since my best friend Shannon taught me the ins and outs of a basic risotto, I've been making one on an almost weekly basis! But obviously, this far exceeds anything I could cook up in the kitchen. 
The rice was perfectly tender, the mushrooms still had a bite but weren’t slimy, the creamy sauce was so stupidly light but rich with flavour, and all of this came in a really decent-sized portion, I was stuffed afterwards! The risotto was £13 but to me, it was worth the price as the flavours were so good and the portion so reasonable. 

My partner had his favourite Spaghetti Alla Bolognese. He said this dish was very tasty and fresh but maybe not the most “exciting” bolognese he’d ever had, he said he’d wished there was more meat in the ragu and a bit more sauce to go with the spaghetti too…you can’t please everyone! His was £11.90 and to be fair he wasn’t hungry at all afterwards so it obviously did the trick. 

Even though I said we were stuffed, we still stopped at Creams to get a couple of ice creams before the drive home. If you’re ever in the Bromley area and looking for a lovely restaurant that offers great food and great service all in a really beautifully decorated setting then get yourself down to Studio Gusto!   
And that’s all I have to talk about this month really. The only other exciting thing I did was get my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. I know there are some of us out there (I'm not talking to you, moronic anti-vaxxers) who are understandably concerned about getting this vaccine, I just want to say that I, as a 23-year-old with no diagnosed health conditions had literally no side effects except a sore arm for less than 48 hours, my partner was exactly the same and so were almost all of my friends. The older people in my life and those I know who have underlying health conditions did experience side effects but these were lethargy and headaches, nothing that's gonna send you to hospital. If you’re due a vaccine and still unsure, PLEASE go and get it, the only way to fight a virus that keeps coming back is by creating something to curb it, every single year my mum and dad get the flu vaccine, they feel crap for a few days but they’re never at risk of becoming seriously ill from flu, this vaccine works in exactly the same way. 
I am not a medical expert and know nothing about any of this but you can see the positive effect it's having just on the drop in hospitalisations. Lecture over, I just wanted to remind some people out there that vaccines save lives, excuses don’t. 

Have a lovely month, 

H x