June Seasonal Ingredient- Mushroom, Feta & Mint Tart

The second recipe of our June seasonal ingredients is a mushroom and feta tart with the fresh addition of our seasonal ingredient; mint. When I was doing some research into savory mint recipes I didn't just want to do a salad with a couple of mint leaves on top so when I saw mushroom and cheese were good with mint I knew all of this had to go in a crispy puff-pastry tart as the perfect lunch recipe for warmer days. I decided to use the full 200g pack of feta on my tart as I didn't know when I’d be using it again, and although it was VERY cheesy and filling, you really don’t need 200g of feta on this. By pre-cooking the mushrooms in a saucepan and the pastry in the oven, you save on some cooking time once it's compiled together, I feel like this recipe uses a lot of easy-to-find ingredients and takes less than 30 mins to prep and cook! 

Serves 6-8 

320g Ready-Rolled Puff Pastry 
60g Butter 
500g-600g Button Mushrooms, halved
1 tsp Oregano 
2 Garlic Cloves, roughly chopped 
2 Eggs 
150g Cream Cheese 
4 Mint Leaves, chopped 
100g Feta, crumbled 
1 tsp Golden Syrup/ Honey (optional) 

Preheat the oven to 200C/ 180 Fan/ Gas Mark 4 and grease a large baking sheet. Put your puff pastry onto the sheet and use about a half an inch wide strip of each side of the puff pastry to make a crust, roll the sides over on themselves and gently crimp/press down. Now, score the puff pastry sheets into 6 squares and let this bake in the oven for about 10-12 mins until the pastry is risen and golden. 

Now onto the mushrooms, take 1 tsp of oil, and heat it in a small saucepan. Tip your mushrooms in and coat them in the oil alongside the garlic and oregano, allow this to cook for 7-10 mins until the mushrooms have softened slightly. 

At this point, your pastry should be cooked. Take it out of the oven and set it aside, if you need to, just gently press down with a tea towel on the squares to flatten them out. 

Now to make our filling, pour the eggs, cream cheese, and mint into a small bowl with some salt and pepper and whisk until you have a smooth liquid.  

Place the half mushrooms evenly around the pastry, pour half the filling on top before repeating until you've used all the mushroom and filling then sprinkle on your feta cheese. 

Put the tart in the oven for around 20 mins until the pastry has further risen, the liquid has baked and your feta is browning. 

Slice the tart into 6 pieces and if you want to, drizzle a tsp of honey/golden syrup over the tart to cut through the salty cheese with a bit of sweetness. Now get eating!! 

I was so happy with how this came out. The pastry was perfectly crispy, the filling was thick but set and the mushroom and cheese combo was as rich and creamy as you can imagine, but let’s not forget that little hint of fresh earthiness from the mint that just took the tart that little bit further. I would definitely make this again to share with all my favorite people, it’s very simple to make and I think is a good recipe if you’re just starting out with cooking/baking as there isn’t too much to do and to be honest as long as you leave it to cook for long enough, literally nothing will go wrong and you can present your loved ones with this decadent tart! 

H x