VEGAN Watermelon & Berry Smoothie

I’ve got a tasty vegan smoothie recipe for you here! This easy berry & watermelon smoothie only takes a few minutes to put together and the outcome is thick, fruity and filling, perfect as a breakfast or the perfect simple snack on a hot day. 

I’ve made a little video because obviously the process is just whizzing the ingredients together but I’ll leave an ingredient list and small method down below too!  

Serves 1 

1 Banana 
180g Frozen Mixed Berries 
300g Watermelon (freeze the melon if you want a slushy texture) 
125ml Water
80g Tofu (trust me) 


  1. In a blender or food processor blend all the ingredients until you have a thick but smooth liquid. The tofu should help to thicken the smoothie but as mentioned before if you want a more slushy consistency you could add about 100g of ice as well as freezing all the ingredients before you put them in if you have time. 
You could also use dairy-free milk or fruit juice instead of water if you want a different flavour but that’s up to you!

How fresh does that look? I was not only impressed with how simple the ingredients were but also how easily they all came together, you could have this smoothie blended and ready in about 5-7 mins, which is perfect when you’re in a rush in the morning, this could be whizzing away while you get dressed! 
The smoothie itself not only looks beautiful with that rich, tropical colour, it’s also really filling and took me about 20 mins to be able to drink it all, of course, you could split this up into smaller bottles for pack lunches but drinking it all in one go on the day it’s made is probably better. I think this recipe is perfect for the hotter summer weather (not that we have much of that here), and to be enjoyed maybe in a larger batch out in the garden with friends and loved ones. 
If I had the room to buy whole watermelons I would make this almost every day, I hope you get time to try this one out too because it might just become a morning favourite! 

H x