Chocolate & Raspberry Mini Cake

Have you ever wanted to make a cake but not make an entire cake…yeah me too. So how about mini cakes?! All the goodness of a full cake but sized down into a single portion, and it fits inside a microwave-safe mug or jar! I’d seen lots of recipes using apple or pear but I wanted to try with a softer, juicer fruit, so I used raspberries…we’ll find out later on why most people choose apples and pears instead of soft fruits. But for now, I wanna talk about how easy this was to make. Since starting the blog I've been making ALOT of cakes, some of which have been amazing and some of which haven’t worked at all and to be honest, they ended up in the bin, I’ve always hated food waste but now I want to stop making so much of it when it isn’t necessary, in other posts I've talked about making smaller portions, and these mini cakes are the perfect excuse to prove that you can make a fresh cake (just a little one-person one) and none of it go to waste. This cake uses really simple-to-find ingredients, they’re baked quickly in the microwave and they come out soft and fluffy! 

Serves 1 

40g Butter
60g Dark Chocolate 
4 tbsp Caster Sugar 
2 Eggs, beaten
4 tbsp Self-Raising Flour 
10-12 Raspberries 

To start with put butter and chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl and nuke on medium-low for around 2 1/2 to 3 mins, until the butter has melted and the chocolate has softened. 

Then add in sugar, eggs, and flour and whisk to fully combine. The mixture may be quite thick but that’s ok, just make sure each ingredient has been fully mixed and you have a smooth batter. 

In a large microwave-safe mug/ bowl (roughly around 300ml) place the raspberries in the bottom. I’m not gonna lie, this may be a mistake, as you can see from the picture, the raspberries crushed under the weight of the batter and just smushed whilst cooking, it didn't affect the taste at all but obviously, the look isn't great, you can try it my way or maybe push them into the top of the batter so they won't get crushed, just watch and make sure they don’t burn in the microwave. 
Whichever way you choose to arrange the fruit, pour the batter in and microwave on medium-low for around 4-5 mins, checking every minute to make sure it doesn’t burn. 

Once the cake has risen and is fluffy to the touch, it’s done! 

Ok ok, I know it’s a mess you don’t need to tell me twice, haha! But you have to trust me that this actually tasted alright, the cake was fluffy and cooked well, because of the dark chocolate it had a lovely rich chocolatey taste, the raspberries were quite tart so they cut through the sweetness of the cake nicely, overall taste-wise it was a good bake…just a shame it looks like something that crawled out of a swamp. I really like the idea of these 5-minute mini cakes, I think it’s fun, easy to get kids and newer bakers into baking and it certainly cuts down on food waste. I would try this again using different ingredients, you could go with a richer cake and put peanut butter in the middle or make a normal sponge and add chocolate chips on the bottom, I think this one is a simple enough recipe to let your imagination run wild…just don’t put soft fruits on the bottom! 

H x