HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2021!! Decor Tour & Halloween Buffet

The big night has finally arrived! I’m curled up on the couch with my partner as I write this just snacking and looking at all our cute Halloween/autumnal decorations around the flat and of course, I have to share them with you this evening. 

In the name of sustainable living, a lot of the stuff I have is the same as last year, so if you see anything I haven’t included then check back on the Halloween decor post from last year, but of course I did treat myself to a couple of new things that we can enjoy for years to come so let's have a look at those before we move onto the food. 

Pumpkin Black Cat

I had to start off with the cutest one of the bunch! I had a little spend-up at TK MAXX this year and bought 4 different things, I wanted to buy things that wouldn’t come to any more than £30 and they obviously had to be items that we could bring out every year. When I saw this ceramic black cat I knew we had to have it, it’s in the shape of two pumpkins stacked on top of each other, but the bottom pumpkin has cut-outs of stars and moons so when the little fake candle is turned on in the evenings you get a really cute light from it! 
It’s such a simple thing but honestly, it gives me so much joy, I love her eyelashes and her tiny nose and she also suits sitting on the other end of the tv cabinet across from our stack of 3 pumpkins from last year! 
This cat was £6.99 so I don’t think a bad price overall, especially since I know I'm gonna look forward to bringing her out every year! 

Halloween Pug Mugs 

The next thing I found (I guess technically two things) were these funny mugs with pugs in Halloween costumes! Now, we don’t have pugs but my mum and dad have a crazy one called Milo and he looks just like the one in the Dracula costume so I couldn’t ignore these when I found them. I definitely could have taken better pictures because it doesn’t show off the size of these, but these mugs are massive!! I had a look on the designer's website where these mugs originally came from and they describe them on there as being 20 oz/ 590ml, can you imagine having over half a litre of tea each morning in one of these bad boys! The original designer is Milly Green, before buying these mugs I'd never heard of her but now I'm a huge fan and I’ll be looking for some more around Christmas time, and if I can find them next year I might buy some more Halloween pug mugs for my mum and dad. 

But let's talk about the design, from what I could see on the TK MAXX website there were three designs; the vampire, the pumpkin, and a Frankenstein one, obviously I only went with the first two but they’re all adorable, the design looks beautifully hand-drawn and even though these are washed every single day, the design is still perfect and they haven’t stained too much on the inside either. On the Milly Green website, each mug is about £10, I got mine from TK MAXX for £6.99 a mug, and to me, that's still quite a lot for a mug but they are a great design and great quality. If you’re looking to get just one thing next year to add a bit more Halloween decor into your house then maybe a pair of these adorable mugs might fit nicely in the cupboard? 

Tesco Paper Hanging Ghosts 

The next couple of things I got from our local Tesco. Throughout October if I went into a supermarket I tried to see what they had on their Halloween aisle to see if I could pick up anything different but still re-useable. To be honest, Tesco didn't have too many things that weren’t either disposable or made of horrible plastic, I did however find these paper honeycomb ghosts with stickers to decorate their faces. I know these might technically be single-use but I'm gonna try and flatten them out and place them in the Halloween bag to use next year (wish me luck). We had alot of fun putting these together and deciding what their faces should look like and although I put these up at the start of October and both of them have no mouth and only one eye now, I still think they’re funny and worth buying. I bought these because I wanted a couple of things to put in places I wasn’t sure how to decorate like our hallway and stairs, so with these, we were able to just hang them up and it brought that little bit of Halloween to another part of the house. The first one I chose the face for, and the second one my partner decorated, you decide which one you like the best. 

Out of everything I bought these were by far the most affordable, you get two big ghosts in a pack for £1! So if you were having a Halloween party or you don’t have the money to buy loads of different things, imagine if you spent £3 on these, you’d have 6 ghosts to place around your house! You’d be surprised what a difference little things like this can make when decorating a space. 

Tesco Ghost Garland 

This was the other part of my Tesco Halloween haul and to be honest, I don’t like these nearly as much as our hanging ghosts but I might be able to arrange them better next year, this paper ghost garland from Tesco was only £1 and it’s way longer than I thought, I decided to jazz up our bookcase/fish tank area behind the couch and inject a bit of Halloween decor over there too because we live in rented accommodation we can’t really put any pictures up so if anything it’s just made our blank walls a little more interesting like I say, the garland is way longer than I thought, it’s a good 4-5ft in length so it could be used pretty much anywhere, the ghosts are a great design but I think it's just unfortunate that we have bright white walls so it’s almost impossible to see white paper ghosts against them but that's not their fault. Again, these would be good if you’re looking to not spend too much and still have a bit of fun decoration, I will squish them back together and put them away again until next year so these can be re-used too!

Pumpkin Oven Gloves

These are the last of my TK MAXX Halloween haul! I wanted something to decorate the kitchen with that we could actually use and wouldn’t be in the way, I was so happy with the Milly Green mugs and then I saw this pair of autumnal pumpkin design oven gloves! I love how quirky these are and that when it gets to October next year I get to change my oven gloves over which I know no sane person is thinking about doing but I love making little seasonal changes around my home, it makes me feel comfortable and happy. Quality-wise these gloves are great, they’re thick and obviously protect your hands but they also do really well with stains, my partner decided to rest his curry-stirring spoon on the oven gloves one night so they had big smears of curry sauce on them, I chucked them in the washing machine (after the stain had been on the gloves for over 3 days) and they came out perfect! You wouldn't even know they were stained, I don’t know if that's more a testament to the DAZ washing powder we use or the quality of the gloves but both are great! I bought these gloves for £7.99 but full price these are £27, so I saved a huge amount of money there! I would happily go back to the TK MAXX website (or a store) next year and see what quirky things they have in then, I know I’m trying to get us all to cut down on buying new things all the time, but I’m not perfect and the way that I see it as long as it’s something that I can continue to use for years to come then it can’t be all that bad! 

Waitrose Pumpkin Candle

The final new Halloween item is this cute pumpkin candle from Waitrose! I just popped in to see if they had anything good, it wasn’t bad but much like Tesco they had a few plastic/resin things that I wasn't keen on buying but they did have this candle. It was £3 and I think well worth the money, it’s unscented which is a bonus if you live with someone like my partner that moans whenever you light a scented candle and it also looks so cool when the candlewick glows through the pumpkin’s face! This picture could have been way better but I was trying to sum up my evening in one shot, and I'm not very good at that yet but I think you get the idea, you can see the candle's creepy smile reflecting off the table and look how bright it is! I’ve lit this candle for a couple of hours almost every day throughout October and it's still going strong so at least I know I have it for next year, obviously behind it is the broken mug I saved from last year that I put little candles in, I like how the wax melts off the inside and the curve in the mug frames the candlelight nicely. 

Halloween Buffet

Now onto the main event; the Halloween buffet! This tradition started out with my mum and dad, who would put on a buffet for the three of us (three of us being me and my parents) every year and we'd settle down and watch movies, now I've got my fiancee involved and he’s loving it too! Of course, if I didn't work 6 days a week and spent alot more time at home I would have freshly made a lot of food for this buffet, but I went out to Tesco and got 3 for £5 on party foods, so we have some brie bites, spicy prawns (for him) and vegan duck spring rolls (for me), our main course will be homemade pizzas, I decided to be lazy and buy pre-made dough that we could just shape and top, so the idea is to put tomato puree, mozzarella and then cut out our meat (mine is vegan pastrami courtesy of Squeaky Bean of course) with cookie cutters into fun Halloween shapes then scatter some mushroom and pepper around that! 
For dessert we have some lemon cake slices, Halloween Jaffa cake bars and we did have 2 Halloween Krispy Kreme donuts but somebody decided to eat theirs before they went to work this morning so now there's just mine left (oh well, that's not my problem) and of course, throughout our feast, we’ll be watching a horror movie, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated but I'm thinking The Haunting in Connecticut as it's super scary. 

Finally we obviously also carved some pumpkins to place outside the house! We kind of had to do it last minute this year as we couldn’t find any matching time to visit Tulley’s Pumpkin Patch (but that ended up being for the best as I saw literally hundreds of people I know and their friends ended up going throughout October and it just looked too busy and no fun) so we got two supermarket pumpkins, we hollowed one out and stuck a bowl inside to fill with sweets for the trick or treaters; I feel I have to explain that we live on the third floor so I WILL NOT be running up and down all night to give sweets to anyone who rings the buzzer, so I thought it was fair to just leave the bowl with sweets out there and once they’re gone they’re gone. On the other pumpkin, we carved a face on each side so we could still see it from the window. 

And that's the end of our very busy Halloween! I hope you get to celebrate tonight in your favourite way and it’s filled with nothing but laughter and good ol’ scares! I already can’t wait for next year. 

Stay safe and warm, 

H x