September Monthly Favourites

If you’ve been reading a few of the more recent posts, you’ll be sick of hearing how excited I am for October… but it’s finally here!! Spooky season, cosy jumpers, warming soups, stews, and curries, not to mention all the great horror movies! But before we fully settle into October and the Halloween decorating, I have a few things to share that I've been loving in September, it’s a pretty mixed bag of toiletries, food, and something a little out of the blue. 

Love, Corn Snacks

This product I haven’t spoken about before and it’s just a little snack but as I'm trying very hard to steer away from eating too much chocolate, this might become my new best friend. I found these on the reduced aisle as you can see, and I knew I’d had them before and really liked them so obviously I had to bring a couple of packs home. Love, Corn is a vegan, gluten-free, and Non-GMO Corn-based snack, it's literally just dehydrated sweetcorn that's been baked in some salt but they’re INCREDIBLE, if you’re a fan of crunchy snacks then you’ve just hit the jackpot but I've never had something some satisfyingly crunchy before. I’ll definitely be getting a few of these bags in to snack on over the seasonal periods but I wouldn't normally buy them as £1 a bag does seem a bit expensive if you’re going to eat a bag a day as an alternative to crisps, that would be £5 a week just on crisps, we usually spend £3 on 30 bags of crisps so it doesn’t make sense for me to get these all the time but when I see them on reduced or I just want snacks for a special occasion, I’m always running (well, fast-walking) to Love, Corn. 
Oh! They also have 4 flavours; cheese and onion, smoked bbq, sea salt or salt and vinegar, I might have to get myself a pack of each! You can find them basically everywhere in any snack aisle and I’ve also seen them online as well if for some reason you can find them in-store.

Sun & Sand 50 SPF Sunscreen Lotion

This might seem like a bit of a weird one to be writing about in the lead-up to autumn, but if you care about skincare then you’ll already know where I'm going with this. I’d been looking for vegan and cruelty-free sun cream everywhere for a few years and then my mum found the brand Sun & Sand, I think you can find it pretty much everywhere but you can also buy it online. 
After speaking to my best friend (and skincare guru) Shannon, she recommended using sun-cream every day as a way to protect your skin from daily UV rays, I remembered I had all this sun cream from our last holiday so I started using Sun & Sand and found that the product was amazing! Not only is it a high SPF so it will help to protect against higher UV levels, but it’s also a lotion rather than a cream so it has slight moisturising qualities too, I do notice a huge difference in the softness of my skin after I use the lotion during the day. Sun & Sand also states that this lotion will protect against both UVA and UVB rays as well as being water-resistant, but best of all this sunscreen lotion is fully cruelty-free and vegan! 

After I started my new job and started walking to work in the summer, I read that it’s incredibly important to add sun cream into your daily skincare routine, not only will it obviously protect against your skin burning, it can help to fight aging on your skin, and with certain brands like Sun & Sand it will also give a boost to your skin's moisture too, I read that although the weather may be overcast, any UV level above 3 can start to do permanent damage to your skin if you spend prolonged periods outside, I’m a bit lazy when it comes to skincare, as much as I enjoy it I just can’t be bothered sometimes so I always check the weather app before leaving the house and if the UV Index says 3 or higher, then I know I need to apply some sunscreen. There are lots of benefits to this lotion, aside from its skincare benefits it also smells amazing! It has a lovely sweetness but it also smells fresh, and you can smell it for hours afterward (it’s not overpowering, don’t worry), but I did find that it takes a while to properly soak in and it leaves my face feeling quite greasy for a good couple of hours, I assume its just because the consistency is strong where it has to be water-resistant but yeah, it does leave my face feeling a little greasy. I’ll leave a picture of the ingredients here for you to have a look at and check it’s right for you if you’re interested. 

But despite the greasy texture, I think this is a solid choice when it comes to a protective, moisturising, and long-lasting sunscreen that’s good for both those long days in the sun and short walks on more overcast days! I’m really happy I've found a vegan and cruelty-free suncream where I haven't had to compromise on its protective coverage. As I said before, I've seen it in most supermarkets, my one is 50ml so good to chuck in your carry-on luggage and they sell it at a certain £1 branded shop for…you guessed it, £1! 
Conqueror Walking Challenge 

This final part of September's monthly favourites is a bit unexpected. I never really talk about fitness and exercise that much, mainly because I don’t really do alot of it. I walk just under a mile to work and back almost every day and that's about all the exercise I get during the week (apart from when I dance around the flat when I'm on my own…shhh, don’t tell anyone) but recently I have had a hankering to get into shape, now I'm no gym bunny and I really don’t enjoy any sports but my two favorite forms of exercise are walking and swimming, because of COVID I'm still a bit wary about swimming in public swimming pools but on days off sometimes we like to find a forest or walking trail and spend a couple of hours on a nice long walk. 
Over the last few months I’d been bombarded on my Instagram with adverts for this thing called the Conqueror Challenge, it’s essentially a series of distance-based challenges that you can do in your own time through running, walking, swimming, cycling, or any way that’s gonna build up those miles. There are around 30 challenges ranging from 21 miles to almost 2,500! 
But, there was a reason I was drawn in, every time you complete a challenge you earn a medal, as I said, I'm not a big exercise/sports person so I've never earned a medal in any sports activity but thanks to the Conqueror Challenges I can now say I am the proud owner of a beautiful medal for all my walking efforts! 

I chose to do the first (and shortest) challenge which is 21 miles, you can set a time frame that works for you and change it whenever you want, so I set mine to 21 days and completed it in that time just by walking to work, of course I know some people who could do this in a day but I'm so proud of my medal I don’t care how long it took. The exciting thing about this is each challenge is available on the free Conqueror app which allows you to track your progress daily as well as follow along with others from around the world who are taking part in the same challenge as you. I haven’t even told you the coolest bit! Each challenge is based around a real-life hike/challenge which you can take part in, so my one was the distance across the English Channel from England to France. So each time you update your distances, you see yourself moving across the English Channel closer to that goal. It’s an amazing concept and I love how it’s spurred me on to want to do more exercise and take part in more challenges. As you can see from the picture above, the medals are of fantastic quality, they’re metal and very heavy and each challenge has a different medal with its own unique features, obviously, this one has a lovely picture but look at the back! 

Now, of course, something of this quality couldn’t be free, this 21-mile challenge was £25 to take part in, but that basically just pays for the medal because the app is free, you just get a joining code when you pay so that you can use the app properly and track your progress. I bought two challenges (stupidly, it was an accident) but now I’m really excited to start my next challenge which is a 26-mile marathon route through Greece to Athens, the route follows the original journey that the ancient greek marathon runners would have taken to reach the Olympic stadium. When you hit milestones on the app you also receive postcards which give you a little update about where you would be on the real journey, and from this Athens challenge, you also have the ability to view your journey in Street View to see what it would really look like on the road. 

Here you can see my homepage and what I've completed so far, I’ve given myself 56 days to do this one, but I’m hoping it won't take that long! 
Like I said earlier, I love how much this has inspired me to get out walking and actually want to keep track of my fitness, I may not be losing too much weight but doing some exercise is better than doing nothing! If you’re feeling inspired like me, you can go on the Conqueror Challenge website and sign up for any of the challenges from there, hopefully, see you on the app!!

And that’s another month of 2021 out the way. Now we can move on to the end of the year and hopefully all the cosy seasonal vibes that come with it. In my TV news, I just finished watching all of The Walking Dead on Disney+, I do still have the rest of season 11 to watch but as they’re only releasing 1 episode a week until mid-2022, I can’t be bothered waiting around for it! So now I've moved onto Amazon Prime Video and started watching The Handmaids Tale, I've been wanting to read the books by Margaret Atwood for a while but haven’t got round to it, so now I get to watch the tv show, and it's just as gripping as I thought it would be! If you haven’t heard of the Handmaid’s Tale, is based around a dystopian America; now called Gilead where fertile women are used (against their will) to bear children for rich families who can’t bear children of their own, it’s as awful as it sounds but its also amazing to watch, I highly recommend it! 
We also watched this horror film on Netflix called Wrong Turn which was suggested by a friend at work, it's a really horrifying, gory film about a group of friends who go out on a weekend hike in a U.S national park and (unsurprisingly) take a wrong turn and end up in the hands of a tribe of feral people who are not friendly to newcomers. I think it was rated an 18 and I fully agree with that, it’s gory, horrifying, and definitely not suitable for children or people who don’t want to see lots of blood or wounds…but if you are into that stuff, then I think you’ll agree that it’s brilliant! 
Now we’re going into October, I'm going to try and watch a horror film every day up until Halloween, so if you want to join me, then I think Wrong Turn is a good place to start! 

See you in a couple of days for the start of some autumn/ Halloween fun! 

H x