VEGAN Barley, Lemon & Ginger Tea

It’s been a while since I posted a drink recipe but this one is perfect to boost our immunities in time for that freezing autumn weather (I type this with a blocked nose). I’ve actually never used barley before in any type of recipe but I know it's amazing as my mum adds it to every stew she makes, and I always love that soft and chewy texture of barley in my meals. I’d been doing some research into tea recipes and we all know that lemon and ginger is a classic especially for sore noses and throats; lemon helps to loosen congestion, ginger acts as a soother for both the throat and stomach and surprisingly barley helps to strengthen our immune system and includes alot of iron that helps to fight anaemia and fatigue. So put all these things together in some boiling water with a spoonful of golden syrup and you’ve got yourself a sweet, soothing and immunity-boosting tea! I’ve made a video for this one as it’s obviously such a simple recipe but I'll leave the full recipe down below. 

Serves 1 

30g Barley
1 Lemon, one slice and 1 tbsp juice 
1 tbsp Golden Syrup 
2 1/2-inch slices of raw Ginger 

  1. Rinse the barley in a sieve under cold water for a minute or so, then rub dry with a tea towel. 
  2. Add 1 tsp of oil in a pan on medium-high heat and fry the barley for 2-3 mins until it’s golden brown and smells nutty. 
  3. Pour 300ml of boiling water, the golden syrup, lemon juice, ginger and barley into a teapot/ cafetière and let it steep for 5 mins. 
  4. Pour the tea into your favourite mug, place a slice of lemon into the tea and you’re ready to drink! 

How easy is this delicious mug of tea?! All of those great immunity-boosting ingredients are ready to go in just over 5 mins. Obviously, with such simple ingredients this recipe is fully vegan, I don’t add milk (even dairy-free versions) to my tea anyway, I've always drunk it as-is so I wouldn’t recommend adding milk to this because you might lose the delicate flavours. I think tea might become quite a staple in the cold mornings as we move further into autumn/ winter and the dreaded flu season, you can prepare this tea and let it steep whilst you make your toast before work! I’ll definitely have a look at making some more different teas as it was so fun…I just have to admit that I don’t own a teapot! Maybe this is the start of many more tea posts to come, and hopefully a lovely teapot to show off too! 

Stay warm and safe, 

H x