I’m gonna take us back to the summer for this one, at the end of summer my partners' parents came to stay with us and we tried to organise a load of fun things to do with them, one of them was our trip to Kew Gardens that I wrote about in an earlier post. During our mini-holiday, we also went to the seaside town of Hastings! So most of us probably know Hastings for its famous 1066 battle and for William the Conqueror, but the town also has a castle, an abbey (on the grounds where the battle took place), a shipwreck museum, a fisherman's museum, a grand pier, museum of modern art and a funicular railway! We decided to explore some much more recent attractions this time and stayed on the pier and shingle beach. 

We started off on the pier, I wasn’t expecting much but that's only because I'd never been to Hastings so didn't really know what was there but this pier was amazing!! The pier opened in the 1870s and is still very much the heart of Hastings tourist attractions, it stretches over 900ft (almost 300m) into the sea and houses loads of little tourists shops, fair-ground games, restaurants, viewing platforms, and a huge bar right at the end which boasts “the largest beer garden in the UK”…it is pretty big, and they have big speakers playing music and a DJ platform and dance floor for the evenings. We got there just after 3pm which is why most of the little huts are closed but look how cute it is! 

After our walk along the pier and a drink we decided to stop for some dinner at a restaurant on the pier; The BBQ Project. This is a pretty modern-looking burger place that also serves cocktails, but the best part is that they offer a seitan vegan chicken burger! The BBQ Project says that it prides itself on using locally sourced, fresh ingredients and I think that's really proven in the quality of their dishes, although it wasn’t cheap (£12) I think it was a decent price for not only the quality but the portion size as a whole, my burger was massive with a good helping of chips on the side.

Tell me you don’t think those are massive chicken strips! They also had aubergine “bacon", which is just thin fried strips of aubergine, I really don’t like aubergine so I didn't enjoy that but the rest of the burger was phenomenal, the seitan chicken (which is basically bread dough with all the yeast rinsed out) was chewy and succulent like real chicken and the seasoning that they used was very tasty too. I know it's kind of standard for restaurants now to offer vegetarian and vegan options but rarely are they as tasty and innovative as this, to the point that the rest of my table (all meat-eaters) were more impressed with my meal than their own! It was quite busy there, but it was almost 5pm by the time we got to eating but still, if you visit Hastings, book yourself a table at The BBQ Project! 

After our meal we all had a walk on the beach and a paddle in the sea, it was really lovely and although the weather was a bit grey it didn't rain at all and wasn’t cold, then we headed back to the car park to go home but we wanted to grab a souvenir before that, unfortunately, because of the time all of the souvenir shops were closed but we did find this adorable sweetshop. The shop was full to the brim with old and new types of sweets, chocolates, and fudge! The prices were so reasonable as well, there was plenty of tasty things that were less than £1! But we eventually ended up grabbing some sweets and our favourite fizzy juice; Arizona for the drive home…if you haven’t tried Arizona juice, get on that ASAP!

And also just a potentially boring (but helpful for some) note, we parked in a car park up a huge hill 2 mins walk from the seafront, the car park was small but it used that RingGo app where you just put in your reg and choose how long you want to stay so I think it cost less than £5 for us to park there for 3-4 hours, which is really good! The app also lets you add time on and pay a bit extra if your ticket starts to run out and you don't want to go home yet! 
Also just saying…no one from RingGo asked me to say anything I just find that app is incredibly handy when we’re out and about. 
But that was our day trip to Hastings! I wish we’d had more time to explore all of the attractions I spoke about in the beginning but I think we will venture back there once the weather gets warmer to try and see some more. If you get the opportunity to go to Hastings and have a good look around, I highly recommend it, there is so much there, the beach is lovely and I think there are plenty of good-looking hotels if you wanna stay overnight too. 

H x