November Seasonal Ingredient- Stuffed Persimmons

Back for the savoury side of this month’s seasonal ingredient and this time we’re stuffing our persimmons with a hearty meat-free filling! I wanted to showcase that although persimmons are naturally quite sweet, they’ll still work as the star of a savoury dish…these are far from perfect but it was a good experiment and I think some tweaks to the filling will make this a great Christmas starter dish or a winter lunch! 

Serves 1 

1 and a half Persimmons, hollowed out
4 tsp Sunflower Oil 
1/2 an Onion, peeled and diced 
30g Sweet Potato, peeled and diced 
30g Barley 
2-3 medium-sized Mushrooms, finely diced 
Salt and Pepper to taste 
5-6 chunks of Goats Cheese 
1 tsp Golden Syrup 

First, we need to pre-cook the persimmon. Preheat the oven to 220C/ 200 Fan/ Gas Mark 7 and prepare your persimmon, once prepped put them on a non-stick baking tray or silicon baking mat, sprinkle over some oil and salt and pepper then bake in the oven for 7-10 mins until golden and tender. Don’t throw out the persimmon insides! We’re gonna keep them for our filling. 

Now onto the filling. In a frying pan, heat a tsp of oil up on medium heat then add your onion in and fry for 7-10 mins until soft and translucent. 

Once the onion is softened, add in your sweet potato and let this cook until tender for around 10 mins. 

Stir in the persimmon filling with 50 ml of water, then add in the barley and mushrooms. Let this sweat for another 5-7 mins then set aside. 

The persimmon should be done in the oven now, take it out, leave it to cool for a couple of minutes before adding the filling inside with a spoon, gently push the filling inside and level out before dropping the goat's cheese on top of both persimmons. 
Bake in the oven for 3-5 minutes at most until the goat's cheese is melted across the top. Once out of the oven, transfer to a plate and drizzle the golden syrup across, then eat! 

I can’t sit here and pretend this is my favourite recipe because I didn't enjoy it all that much, but I felt it was worth sharing because there are others out there with far more culinary knowledge than me that could dramatically improve this. I already made some changes whilst writing the recipe by halving all of the ingredients because I think you can see there is A LOT of filling and I underestimated how small persimmons are, so I’ve halved the filling which means you should have a nice amount of filling and not an explosion on a plate like mine…it’s ok, we live and learn! I still had a lot of fun creating these two seasonal ingredient recipes and although I may not recreate this one for a while, I know I’ll be using the scrumble recipe all the time! 
One good thing that came from this is that the goat's cheese on top was a lovely addition and really helped to bind the filling together, it has a great salty taste that works well to balance out the sweet potato and persimmon, and obviously, golden syrup on top of salty cheese is always a great combo (if you didn't know, now you do) so it’s not all bad! 

H x