October Monthly Favourites

Well, Halloween and October as a whole came and went in a flash but I had a great month filled with fun bakes and cute decorations, but of course, I have a few favourites I want to share with you too, this month is all about face/body care and food! 

Sukin Cream Cleanser

I have spoken about Sukin before, on other monthly favourites in fact but this time I'm here to talk about a staple product that I've been using on and off for probably around 3 years now if not more and it's never done me wrong. If you aren’t aware of Sukin, I think they’re my favourite skincare brand. They were founded in 2007 in Australia and focus on naturally derived ingredients, vegan and cruelty-free products and they were making their products and shipping carbon footprint conscious before it was cool! 
This cream cleanser is the perfect go-to bit of skincare if, like me, you’re a bit lazy when it comes to skincare. Some days I want to try all my different creams and elixirs and other days I can’t even be bothered showering but THIS will see me through any day. Made from rosehip, avocado, wheat germ, aloe vera, cocoa butter, nettle and horsetail this cleanser works to do what it says on the tin, clean your skin of dirt and oils that shouldn’t be there as well as nourish and hydrate your skin for the day (or evening) ahead! 

Although the bottle is only 125ml it should last a good month, the bottle says it's for normal to dry complexions, I figure myself to have a pretty normal skin type but this cleanser leaves my face feeling baby-butt smooth after only applying an amount the size of two fingertips! The cleanser isn’t greasy and sinks in very quickly without leaving any residue on your face and you can almost immediately feel the benefits of it. 
I’ll leave the ingredients here just so you can check it's safe for you to use. 

I’ve always got my Sukin cleanser as a gift but I did go on their website and see that it’s £7.95 to buy, I know for some this might be a bit expensive for one product but if you’re feeling in the mood to treat yourself to a work-horse of a skincare product, I promise you won't regret buying this cleanser or stumbling across Sukin and their amazing products! 

Avalon Organics Clarifying Lemon Shampoo & Conditioner 

This next one is from a brand I thought I’d never heard of and this duo was given to me by my mum as a gift, but I'm glad she got them! I did a bit of digging online to look up Avalon Organics and found that I’d used a very old product of theirs; the thickening shampoo and conditioners but I can’t remember whether I like them or not so they clearly didn't leave that much of a lasting impression on me, but this clarifying duo is quite different. I’ll talk about the bits I wasn’t keen on first; I view my hair as being of quite normal texture and consistency but I think these products are made for people with very oily hair because it seemed to literally strip my hair of oils and on one occasion left it feeling quite straw-like, I think if you do have very oily hair I would hope it might help balance it out a bit for you but I think it was too harsh for me. 

But the GREAT part of these products was the smell! Oh, it smells like they’ve literally bottled natural lemon sherbet so that I can wash my hair in it! It has this hint of a sweet, sugary smell but this overwhelming (in a good way) scent of lemon that just instantly refreshes you, I’ve seen that they also do apple cider vinegar, lavender and coconut products too, if the scents are as strong and lovely as this one then I’ll definitely try them. 
I’ll leave the ingredients here for both products so you can see if they’re safe for you. 

Overall I think the clarifying shampoo and conditioner are good products but just maybe not for me, most importantly they’re vegan, cruelty-free, GMO-free, Sulphate-free and every single bottle is biodegradable. I’ve seen the bottles online for around £5 a bottle, so it’s actually quite affordable really. I would say be careful with this one as it is quite strong and if you have dry hair it could make it worse but if you have oily hair it might be worth a look into if you want to strip some of that excess oil away. 

Squeaky Bean Vegan NYC-Style Pastrami 

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that recently I had a little back and forth with Squeaky Bean when I posted about using their pastrami on my pretzels. I’ve never had a company reply to me in such a fun and positive way…and it also helps that they’ve created delicious vegan lunch meat! I’ve been walking past Squeaky Bean products on the shelf of my local supermarket for 18 months and just never tried them, but one day I thought it might be worth trying the vegan pastrami as a different thing for lunchtimes and…WOAH! Just let me show you what I'm talking about first of all.

This wafer-thin, smoky, salty vegan meat has to be one of the best things I've ever come across! I don’t think I ever had actual pastrami when I ate meat so I don’t really know if it's close to the taste or texture but obviously I've seen and heard people talking about pastrami and it looks pretty damn close. I usually put this in a brioche or baguette and have it with cheese and a bit of mustard and it makes me excited for lunch each time I make it. Squeaky Bean doesn’t just make vegan pastrami they have chargrilled mini fillets, mini scotch eggs AND they also make vegan pancakes! But I think the next thing I'll try is one product I genuinely thought was meat, it’s their chicken tikka pieces. I saw these at the supermarket and said to my partner “it’s not very funny that someone’s put chicken in the vegan section” I genuinely had to pick it up read the description and then read the ingredients before I trusted it wasn’t meat. That's how good Squeaky Bean are! 
So if you need some meat-free alternatives to sandwich fillings, Squeaky Bean is stocked in pretty much every large supermarket in the UK, their products range from £2 to £3 but you get a good amount of food in each pack…I just can’t make any of it last more than a couple of days before I eat it all! 

And that was this month’s favourites, of course, I have to include Halloween in all this. I set us a challenge to try and watch a Halloween film every day of October, including last night we managed to watch 23 films, which I don’t think is bad going! I’ll try again next year to get to 31 and I’ll include a full list when we actually manage to do it. I also watched one of my favourite Youtubers (Jacksepticeye) play the new Resident Evil: Village, I thought it was a brilliant game but I’m one of those people that has to watch other people play games that aren’t The Sims or Animal Crossing as I'm just no good at shooting/fighting/ horror/ fast-paced games but I love to watch them! And finally, musically, my new favourite person Arlo Parks has released an absolutely beautiful album; Collapsed in Sunbeams. Although the album came out in January I've only just got round to listening to the full thing now and I'm hooked, if you’re into beautiful voices with equally as beautiful and profound lyrics then you need to take a listen.

Now we’re in November which means bonfire night, fireworks and a steep nose-dive into winter, but it's not all bad! All of this means hot chocolate and our favourite cozy jumpers and coats! There's always something to look forward to even on a freezing cold day. 

H x 


  1. We adore the love here Harriet. Thank you SO much for talking so nicely about our products!

    1. Hi! No problem, i've honestly loved everything i've tried so far1


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