2021 Christmas Decorations!!

Well here we are, 3 sleeps until Christmas Day and only 2 sleeps until I’m reunited with my family for Christmas! I really wasn’t feeling too into the Christmas spirit this year which is so unlike me I'm usually there, ready to put up my decorations on the first of December, but not this year, but never mind I've got them up now and I am feeling very festive! 

I don’t actually have too much new stuff to show you (which I guess is a very good thing) so I’m just going to talk about 2 new decorations and my advent calendar for this year because it was very different, I’ll leave a link here to last year’s decorations as they feature everything I currently own if you wanted to see all that too. 
But anyway, let’s talk Christmas! 

Mini Christmas Trees 

First of all I want to talk about my latest addition to the decorations, these mini Christmas trees! Yes, they are real and yes, I'm completely in love. I found them at Tesco for £3 each and I originally got them as a compromise because my partner wants a real Christmas tree, Every. Single. Year, but I always say no because we don’t have anywhere to plant it and look after it after Christmas, and obviously I’m not just gonna let it die and go to waste just to hang decorations and lights off of it! But he really wanted a real tree and I felt bad so I got him these instead, they’re also much easier to fit into the house instead of a giant Christmas tree too.  I’ll leave this picture here from the day I bought them, I put my 750ml water bottle next to it for size comparison so you can see how cute and small they are! 

Now to decorate! Last year we bought these cheap, tiny string lights online for practically nothing and they did the job but don’t shine that bright when embedded inside all the tinsel and branches of our tree so I knew this year they'd be perfect to decorate these trees. They fit perfectly around the tiny branches and they give just enough light to make a difference, we decided to place the trees either side of the tv and I ran the Christmas lights from one tree to the other (hidden underneath the candles) so it looked like a full display, when really, it’s just too small sets of lights. Apparently, I was too lazy to get a nice picture of the trees lit up but I do have this one…just ignore The Sims in the background! 

The thing I love most about these trees is how small they are, I plan to re pot them in the New Year and we’re gonna keep them out the way somewhere, but obviously keep them watered and happy so that by next year they might have grown a bit and we can place them somewhere different! I think these trees are some of my favourite Christmas decorations that we own, because of the longevity of them I’m gonna really look forward to seeing how they grow over the years and hopefully in about 5-6 years time at least one might be big enough to be our actual Christmas tree and we can then plant it in the garden and keep them both going forever! 
I think the tiny Christmas trees are a good eco friendly approach to Christmas as well as a more manageable one, their size means you can keep them pretty much anywhere the rest of the year and as they are a tree and pretty low maintenance I think they’ll be quite happy to be watered and left alone. 
Tesco do still have loads of tiny trees left at the store near me, so if you really love them like I do then it might be worth having a cheeky last-minute look, caring for the tiny Christmas tree could become a new family tradition for us all! 

Pukka Tea Advent Calendar 

I told you my Advent Calendar was different this year! In all honesty we almost didn't have any at all because it got to December and we forgot and then when I went back to the supermarket they’d all sold out! So we turned to the internet and I found this really cool Pukka Tea calendar for £9.99, I know that seems quite expensive for an Advent Calendar but this one has 24 different sachets of tea! I got a totally different cup of tea a day and I got to try all these amazing varieties and flavour combinations. I’m not gonna go too deeply into the flavours and what I thought of them because I’m gonna talk about it properly on my New Year’s round-up in a couple of weeks. For now, I’ll say there were enough good flavours to make an impression on me. 
Ok, I’ll show it off now so maybe it’ll interest you to get something a little different for next year. I want to start off by saying the entire thing is recyclable; all the individual sachet envelopes are made of paper, the tea bags themselves I just throw into the food waste and the lovely packaging is made of fully recyclable card, here’s what it looks like in it’s packaging. 

Then all you do is rip that little perforated bit and it all unfolds into this massive calendar with all the teas ready to go! 
Look at them all! 

I really enjoyed this advent calendar, I never missed a day because I was always looking forward to seeing what the next tea would be. Although I know £10 is expensive for one advent calendar, it does offer huge variety and if you really wanted to start Christmas off in the right way and treat yourself then I think this is a good way to do it! As I said I’ll do a proper write-up on it another time, it was just such a huge part of my Christmas this year that I couldn’t leave it out of the decorations…and I think it’s a decoration itself because it’s so pretty! 
Oh…and if you’re wondering, my partner got a chocolate liqueur advent calendar which was £6.99 and had a load of premium spirits inside dark chocolate casings, he let me try one and I REALLY wasn’t into it, but if you enjoy liqueurs and dark chocolate then you might want to research this one for next year! It was a French calendar and was called Royal des Lys. 

So all in all not too many new things this year, but that’s ok , we don’t always need to be buying brand new things for Christmas when you can invest in long lasting, good quality things that will be with you for decades to come! As I said, I’ll leave last years Christmas decoration blog post here, so you can catch up on that too if you missed it! 
The next time we’ll talk is Christmas Eve, where I’ll be sharing a separate recipe for the candied orange peel I made the other day! 

Only 3 days until Christmas, 
Don’t stress if you couldn’t buy all the presents you had planned this year everything you have is already enough, even if you couldn’t get anything, just spending time with the ones you love is the perfect gift for them, I’m sure. 

H x