Book Review #30- Four Blind Mice, James Patterson

It’s been a while but I’m back with the book reviews and if you’re a fan of James Patterson, you’re gonna want to stick around over the coming weeks because I’ve been on a bit of a Patterson binge and I have a lot of his work to talk about! 

For our first dip back into the crime-ridden world of Patterson’s mind I’m gonna talk about his 2002 novel; Four Blind Mice. 
This is yet another journey with Detective Alex Cross and his best friend and partner; John Sampson, Four Blind Mice takes the pair to try and save the life of an old friend; U.S. Sergeant Ellis Cooper who sits on death row accused of murdering three army wives, but Alex and John know that Cooper (among other military personnel) are being framed for horrific murders by an unknown troop who are out for their own sick prizes.

This book is a maze of innocent victims, red herrings, and evil villains, Patterson does a brilliant job of steering you towards a single outcome, just to drag you back with another hideous crime that puts a new suspect in our midst. Although I love James Patterson’s writing, a couple of others I’ll be writing about soon have been some of the best books I've read in a long time…and they must be good because I finished Four Blind Mice back in November of 2021 and I still remember so many details from it! 
This book is ideal for those of us who love in-depth crime books. 
This one gets into the nitty-gritty of murder, lies, and reminds us that the obvious bad guys aren’t always standing alone. 
I found this (and all the other Patterson’s coming up soon) on a charity book donation at my local supermarket, I’ve been scouting the shelves each time I go, trying to find more Patterson’s and other hidden treasures. If you’ve got a supermarket near you that's giving away used books for a small donation then I highly suggest you go and check it out, in my area, some people are giving away brand new books because they’ve already finished reading them! You can give any amount of donation but I usually try and give at least 20p a book mainly because I tend to pick up at least 3-5 each time, but whatever you can spare is more than enough. 

As with just about all James Patterson novels, this book touches on murder, physical violence, sexual violence, mental health issues (violent PTSD), kidnap, knives, guns, and other offensive weapons, and if this is an issue for you there is a huge focus on military personnel and various wars but mainly the Vietnam war. 
This is just a little warning in case any of this upsets you, and for those of you who may be looking for ideas for younger viewers…this book is not the one. 

BUT, regardless of that, I love James Patterson’s writing and I love to see what he’s coming up with next. Recently I've been reading a lot of his earlier standalone novels and I do think I enjoy the Alex Cross novels the best as I feel I can keep up with this huge unwinding story rather than flitting from book to book with no real link to the last or next, but it depends what you enjoy. 
I’ve also had a look for you and I’ve seen the book for around £3 in a very good used condition online, but as I said if you’re into crime, gore, or thriller novels, it’s worth keeping your eyes open for this one!   

H x