Book Review #32- Kiss The Girls, James Patterson

Welcome back to The James Patterson Book Club! I kid, of course, it's just a bit of a joke on how many Patterson books I can actually read in a row?!...turns out it's 8 and counting. 
In my last book review, we spoke about Double Cross where Detective Alex Cross is fighting against two vicious killers who may or may not be working together to try and take him down.
Kiss The Girls is not dissimilar, it focuses on two potential monsters who seem to be working (and competing?!) with each other to kidnap, torture, and abuse the most perfect women they can find. The two criminals; the so-called Cassanova and The Gentleman Caller spend weeks or months stalking their prey, finding out everything about their lives; their fashion choices, jobs, education, friends, and lovers so that they can lure the women into a false sense of security before taking them and hiding them in awful underground bunkers that perfectly replicate each individual woman's bedroom!

Obviously, Detective Alex Cross is put on the case of finding these women that seem to go missing on both the East and West coasts of the U.S, but the most horrifying part is that these women would never have even been linked if wasn't for the murders of the ones that got away. Each victim is linked in subtle ways that only Alex Cross can decipher, but the case becomes all the more personal when his own niece Naomi goes missing, and although Alex wishes it wasn't true, he knows she's been taken by one of the men. 

Working tirelessly with his partner John Sampson, Alex crosses over half the country trying to work out how and why Cassanova and The Gentleman Caller are linked, why are they choosing stereotypically "perfect" women, and where are they keeping them?

After getting into a bit of a slump with reading so many Patterson novels, Kiss The Girls reminds me why I started reading them in the first place. It's very fast-paced, at times intentionally misleading but always super exciting, bringing you right to the edge before you turn the page and find the twist you were looking for. This book was published in 1995 and was actually only the second Alex Cross novel, so it's a very early work in the Alex Cross series which I think is all the more exciting as Patterson is working through those early storylines he had in his mind. I know I'm not going to enjoy every book he publishes but if you're just entering the world of James Patterson I highly recommend scouting around to find this one as it will set you off on the right path of what a real crime author can do! 

As always I feel the need to be open and honest that these books, although fictional, are meant to horrify and shock you so there is a huge amount of repeated detail on sexual, mental, physical, and emotional abuse, as well as stalking, kidnap and some child abuse in the earlier pages. As I say, none of this is real, but these things do happen to real people so just be aware of this if you're reading the book or buying it as a gift for someone else.  

Sorry if some of you are getting a little tired of the James Patterson reviews, I just wanted to read as many as I had collected before I moved on to other books (I have probably almost 100 books that aren't written by James Patterson sat in a pile in the living room waiting to be read!) but I wanted to try and see the progression of this author throughout the books, so I've been trying to read them in order of publication, or as close as I can to really see the changes or patterns in his writing style. But if you are enjoying the Patterson Book Club, there's plenty more where that came from! 

H x