Vegetarian Thai Not-So-Green Curry

As promised, here is my attempt at a Thai Green Curry...only as you can probably see it's not quite as green as I'd hoped it would be. Don't get me wrong, the flavour and textures were there, it tastes great and I would make this again with no hesitation but I feel kind of embarrassed to actually call it a Thai Green Curry, hence my silly title. I did some research looking into both popular recipes and more traditional ones to try and formulate my own one that I could actually attempt, I also properly cooked rice for the first time using a method my friend Col from work told me about, so Col if you see this, thanks for the tip and proving to me that cooking rice from scratch rather than boil in the bag is actually the way to go! 

This was my first time making a Thai Green Curry pretty much from scratch and although I could have gone further and made the curry paste myself, I wanted to give you something you could make for week-night dinners or just when you're feeling something a little extra! 


Serves 2-3

2 portions of Rice (I used plain but really jasmine rice is what should be used) 
1 tsp Vegetarian Butter
3-4 small Potatoes, peeled and quartered 
1 large Carrot, peeled and sliced diagonally 
100g Green Beans (I used Mangetout because it was on offer but green beans are the cheaper and more traditional option) 
2 tsp Olive Oil 
1 Onion, peeled and diced (red or white is fine) 
1 tbsp Ginger, peeled and finely chopped 
1/2 jar OR 100g of Thai Green Curry Paste 
1 1/2 tbsp Soy Sauce 
200ml Coconut Milk 
1 vegetarian Stock Cube 
1/2 tbsp Caster Sugar 
200g Vegan Chicken 
170g Mushrooms
2 Lime Leaves 
A handful of Thai Basil Leaves 

To start off put your rice in a medium-sized pan and cover with boiling water around 2 inches above where the rice sits, put on low heat, drop in the butter and leave to cook for 20 mins, check back after 10 mins as you may need to add more water again just to cover the rice. Once it's cooked and fluffy leave to cool for at least 10 mins. 

In a small saucepan put your carrots and potatoes with boiling water and let them boil for around 5-7 mins until soft then add in your green beans/mangetout for an extra 3 mins before taking off the heat and setting aside. 

Heat your olive oil in a wok or large pan on low heat before adding in the onion, let this cook until it's soft and translucent, then add in the ginger and garlic and cook until fragrant. Add in 2 tsp of curry paste and stir until simmering. 

Now, pour in your coconut milk and soy sauce, break up any large chunks of coconut and then leave to simmer until it starts to bubble. At this point, I was worried the dish would look too light in colour, but I think I would have preferred this actually! 

Stir in the sugar and your vegan chicken, let this simmer in the coconut for around 10 mins, add in another couple of tsp of curry paste, stir into the dish and let it reduce down. 

Add in your veggie stock cube then leave again to simmer for 3-5 mins. Here you can see mine really started to darken, I did do a little investigating online and found out it might be that I let it simmer for too long, this is why I've put 3-5 mins for simmering instead of a whole 5 mins, just to see if this makes any difference for you. 

Now for the final bit! Tip in the potatoes, carrots, and beans as well as the mushroom and let this cook for 5 mins until the curry has coated the veg, you may want to add another couple of tsp of curry paste at this point too. 

Add in the herbs, season with salt and pepper, stir this through once more and you're ready to eat! 

I hope you agree it still looks delicious...but it's not quite the vibrant green curry I had in mind to show you all. This always seems to happen to me, I'll have a good couple of posts where everything will go right and I'll be so happy and proud of what I've created (just like my momos and heart-shaped pancakes) then the cooking gods bring me back down to earth when I create something that was so far removed from what I had originally planned. 
But nevermind! Every single one of these recipes is a work in progress and at some point, I'll come back to this and try again, hopefully with more knowledge. Regardless of all that, this still tasted so good, it was very lightly spicy but it tasted so fresh from not only the veg I put in but the peppers and lemongrass from the curry paste, it was super filling and I had more than enough for almost 2 lunches! 
So although it wasn't perfect, Thai green curry is something I've been wanting to try for a while and I'm so glad that I've at least attempted it for now. Also, I'm fully aware that this uses ALOT of ingredients, but most of them are both easily found and not very expensive, so I hope you've already got a few of these things in your cupboard and fridge and if not, I hope you find the time to grab the extra bits and give this a go...make one that's actually green though!

My next post will be on Valentine's Day and I've got a delicious cookie recipe coming up that will entice just about anyone! 

H x