D.I.Y Easter Egg Decor!

I may be a little late to the start of the Easter celebrations this year, I usually like to think the start of a seasonal holiday begins at the start of that month, so you'll have to forgive the lateness but I promise this is a fun one! 
As much as I love decorating our little flat with Halloween and Christmas decorations, I've never actually owned any Easter decorative stuff, I find more than ever that shops seem to only sell wasteful, single-use, or harsh plastic decorations at Easter and we're just not about that here! So I had a look online and made a list of some decor ideas that hopefully we can build on each year to make our homes a little more Spring-like, regardless of the unpredictable weather. 

For this first dive into Easter D.I.Y decor, I bought a kit that contains 6 wooden eggs and a kit of paints and decorative stickers online (you can guess where...) for £8 with free shipping, to some that may seem like an absolute bargain but for others, I understand £8 may not be a price you're willing to part with just for some decorations and I completely understand that. But if you are looking for value-for-money decorations, remember that these are not a one-year thing, you can just paint the eggs a neutral colour next year and decorate them all over again, I also kept an egg box and painted that to display them in for a bit of fun too. 

I've included a video on my social media if you want to see me look into the kit and explain exactly what's in there (as well as some funny moments of me explaining the eggs) you can click here to go to my Instagram and see it. 

I think these eggs are both a cute and more sustainable approach to Easter decorations, and of course, they're a lot of fun for everyone to get involved in! There's no waste here and if you already own paints, brushes and little decorative bits then save an egg box and just buy some of the wooden eggs on their own. This is hopefully just the start of some fun D.I.Y Easter decorations that we can build on each year, but for now, I thought this was a fairly accessible activity for everybody of almost any age to get involved in, and as I mentioned before, next year you could re-paint them and start them all over again! 
My favourite one is the little guy trying to get out of his egg in the middle, but I also love how the yellow and blue polka dot one came out too, it really looks like something Dino from The Flintstones would have hanging around! 
If you didn't see the video, I also mentioned that my partner made the two eggs on the very left-hand side but since he had to go to work he hasn't quite got round to finishing them so I'll update this post when he does! 

I hope I've inspired you to make some of your own longer-lasting decorations this year, that won't have to be thrown out at the end of the month. It's important to find decorations and decor (especially during seasonal holidays) that we love and cherish and actually want to bring out year on year, so I hope these eggs do that for you. 
My next post will be another James Patterson book review, on a story that was completely unexpected.

Happy Easter! 

H x